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Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrine Steffans
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Apr 02, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: contemporary, biography
Read from March 18 to April 02, 2012

Her story might be more interesting if told by someone else. As it is, she's a pretty lousy writer (grammar/language wasn't as bad as I expected but narrative needed an editor in a BIG way), and I can't tell if it's the writing or the person that fails to compel me or evoke true understanding. Is she not a good or interesting person, or is she just not capable of communicating what is good or interesting about her?

All told, I found this tale rather sad, as it should be, but almost more because of the shallow level of reflection/character than because of the actual abuses she endured and invited. She constantly seemed to fall in love/lust at first sight, which is unusual but largely unaddressed. In a Q&A at the end, she explains that her nonchalant attitude about sex comes from her island childhood, but in the book itself the most she ever does is refer to using sex as apology, manipulation, income source or fun. She never thinks to really claim her sexuality in a strong way and largely fails to distinguish sex in her weaker days from sex today. I focus on this so much because, let's face it, she may claim this book is her story and a cautionary tale and all, but she gives way too much of the wrong kinds of detail for it not to also be a celebrity tell-all. When she fails to adequately show that personal growth and self-reflection, the shallow accountings of her quick affairs seem more tell-all, less memoir, and certainly not cautionary tale....

Re-reading what I just wrote, it strikes me that one of this book's biggest problems really isn't the sex per se. It's what i said first: the instant feelings of "love" (often in overlapping time frames), the surprise the boys wouldn't feel the same way or would disrespect her, etc. There's nothing necessarily wrong with sleeping with these hot and/or powerful celebs, but there's something kind of sad/pathetic/pathological about expecting them to love you for it. She really didn't get that at the time, which makes her naive to a point that I personally could hardly relate. Even now, she never seems to question whether she loved these boys, only whether they felt anything back. It just all comes across as very...shallow, off, fake, something I can't quite describe. It's like she is a psychologist's case study, but almost none of the analysis has been done for us. So what might've been a powerful story is instead a bit of a dud.
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message 1: by Kate (new)

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Lyla Couldn`t agree more.

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