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Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar
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it was amazing

This lovely volume is an unexpected treat: The publishers finally decided, in 2019, to publish the content from the 2015 special issue Greg Universe Special #1, as well as from the 2016 Special #1 (commonly known as the "Big Donut" special). I love this stuff and was always really disappointed when I had to tell people that the Greg Universe and Big Donut stuff wasn't released in any of the trade paperbacks (and wasn't even in the "All-in-One" super edition!).

I've already individually reviewed the Greg Universe Special and the 2016 Special, but here's a little review of what's in this. Please keep in mind that except for a tiny cover gallery (2 covers for each, plus the front cover), there is no "bonus" or new content in this book.

Greg Universe Special:

"Universe and the Moon" - Garnet rescues Greg from a tight spot and they have a heart-to heart while she floats him down.

"Pink Elephant in the Room" - Amethyst squirts water at the car wash while in shapeshifted form, inadvertently helping.

"Now in 3D" - Greg takes his son to see a 3D movie, but the Gems' presence in the theater causes problems.

"By Heart" - Steven's playing of music reminds Greg of Rose.

"Gregarious Gamers" - Steven fights a cursed video game??

"Snap Shots" - Greg gets snippets of news of his son's missions and is always there for him.

"Slam Buddies" - Mr. Smiley shares ads for wrestling action figures.

2016 Special:

"Clash of the Gluttons" - Amethyst and Steven have a donut-eating competition.

"The Big Donut Contest" - Steven enters a contest to design donuts and models his after his family.

"The Donut Thief" - A nefarious food swiper is really...an animal?

"Health Inspection" - Mr. Smiley is health-inspecting for extra cash and Sadie is desperate to pass, but a Gem fight keeps wrecking the place!

"How To Donuts" - Sadie teaches the Gems how to make donuts! Sorta.

"Food Fight" - A food fight erupts at the Big Donut. Will Lars's pants be stained??

"Donut Derby" - Connie and Steven make racecars!

This is definitely a welcome addition to the trade collections; it is such great content and it was a shame that until this was published we couldn't get some of the best stuff since it's been out of print for a while--some of it having been published before SU got a huge boom from the finale of Season 1 drawing in such a huge new audience! I recommend this collection!
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