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The BFG by Roald Dahl
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it was ok

I have a question. Couldn't this guy have been just the FG? On account of the fact that a Big Friendly Giant is already known to be Big if he is a Giant?

I'll say first that I of course understand that the silliness and weirdly ghastly fairy tale feeling of this story was intentional. And the whimsical parts involving giants galloping, drinking farty liquids, blowing and mixing dreams, running off the edge of the atlas, and figuring out how to dine with a giant, they were all pretty fun.

But there was a lot of stuff I didn't like. Most notably that the story's focus changed from "it's so horrible that giants eat children" to "WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP THESE GIANTS FROM EATING CHILDREN" as soon as Sophie's home country, England, was at risk. It wasn't quite spun as if the other countries' child murders weren't tragedies, but it suddenly became an emergency when giants were eating English people, you know? The fact that Sophie asked where they were going to eat people before she panicked and hatched a plan bothered me a lot.

Personally I found the interjections of made-up words pretty obnoxious after a while. I'm guessing kids tend to like it, but I think I would've been annoyed even as a kid. It was just so much.

The giants having names that were about their eating practices, defining them entirely by their eating of humans and desire to bully the BFG also kinda bugged me, even though I guess some stories need uncomplicated villains.

I think it's odd that the BFG will only eat the gross snozzcumber things because he won't eat stuff he thinks he's hurting, but then he's excitedly eating bacon in England. If someone told him "oh that came from a pig, an animal that runs from pain," I think someone who sympathizes with plants might have a problem with it.

I do like that for once a kid warns an adult of a danger and they do something about it (though of course she did have proof). And I do like the dream idea and the friendship of Sophie and the BFG--I always like unlikely friend stories where people find their common ground. I didn't like the "reveal" that the giant was writing the book all along, because Sophie was the point-of-view character and her perspectives were in some cases not what the BFG would have known or thought.

Oh well.
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