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Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
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What Really Matters

This book! I keep thinking about it after I finished. Who are we? Are we simply a collection of choices that we make? Is one identity behind door #35, and a different identity behind door #102? And what really matters in life--a brilliant career? The love of a spouse and child?

Blake Crouch explores all of these questions and more in this science and philosophy extravaganza featuring college physics professor, Jason Dessen. Talk about a deep dive into a character. We get to see many "sides" of Jason, and I found him quite endearing. I rooted for him. I also enjoyed the realistic characterization of his wife and son.

Just when I thought I was getting a grip on the "multiverse", the author threw in some more twists that kept me on my toes. This is such an interesting, engrossing read.

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Thank you to author Darcia Helle for recommending this book.
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Quotes Jennifer Liked

Blake Crouch
“We're more than the sum total of our choices, that all the paths we might have taken factor somehow into the math of our identity.”
Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

Blake Crouch
“Imagine you’re a fish, swimming in a pond. You can move forward and back, side to side, but never up out of the water. If someone were standing beside the pond, watching you, you’d have no idea they were there. To you, that little pond is an entire universe. Now imagine that someone reaches down and lifts you out of the pond. You see that what you thought was the entire world is only a small pool. You see other ponds. Trees. The sky above. You realize you’re a part of a much larger and more mysterious reality than you had ever dreamed of.”
Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

Blake Crouch
“If you strip away all the trappings of personality and lifestyle, what are the core components that make me me?”
Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

Blake Crouch
“He says, “Every moment, every breath, contains a choice. But life is imperfect. We make the wrong choices. So we end up living in a state of perpetual regret, and is there anything worse? I built something that could actually eradicate regret. Let you find worlds where you made the right choice.” Daniela says, “Life doesn’t work that way. You live with your choices and learn. You don’t cheat the system.”
Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

Blake Crouch
“It’s a strange thing, being the parent of a teenager. One thing to raise a little boy, another entirely when a person on the brink of adulthood looks to you for wisdom. I feel like I have little to give. I know there are fathers who see the world a certain way, with clarity and confidence, who know just what to say to their sons and daughters. But I’m not one of them. The older I get, the less I understand. I love my son. He means everything to me. And yet, I can’t escape the feeling that I’m failing him. Sending him off to the wolves with nothing but the crumbs of my uncertain perspective.”
Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

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