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Moving Mountains by Freddy MacKay
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Apr 01, 2012

really liked it

Freddy creates some really complex characters and can do so in a short time that ropes you into the story (check out any of the segments in the Silver Shorts series!) and this book is no different.

The best I can come up with for summary is that George is a brilliant scientist, but not very skilled with people and relationships, as such, his last hurt has colored how he views any kind of relationship. His previous relationship had so many rules and restrictions that it seems to inhibit his ability to approach any new one.

Max has been working on labs and become friends with George for four years, he does not know the details of George's relationship, but is amongst the few that knew of the relationship at all and while he thinks he has given hints to his feelings about George, what he is not aware of is that George does not understand subtle when it comes to that area of his life! So Max tries direct, but misunderstanding and assumption on both parts almost make them lose their friendship.

I wanted to jump into the book and play mediator with these two when Max was being stubborn because he was feeling hurt and George was talking when he should have stopped and thought before something came out of his mouth to make matters worse!!!

A very heartfelt story of a perfect pair that have to figure out how to communicate and what is more important, their friendship or a romantic relationship? Is one of them leaving at the end of the summer and if so, can their relationship, whatever it is, survive if they do have to part?
This is a very simplified version of the characters and their story, but I don't want to give too much away! I really liked the characters, enjoyed the story and the journey they were on and hope their storyline can be revisited sometime!
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message 1: by Freddy (new)

Freddy MacKay Hope you enjoy it!

message 2: by Freddy (new)

Freddy MacKay Thank you. Your words always humble me and make me strive to do better. *hugs*

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