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The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis
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(Thank you Kaitlyn, for a copy through Netgalley!)

Okaaaay, so I definitely wasn’t prepared to care about this book by the end, but holy crap, it was so GOOD. I care. And I definitely will be reading the rest of this series, no questions.

Basically different houses (different courts) come together and chose mates who will rule the different kingdoms through a showing of strength and other various tasks. After meeting each other under dangerous but memorable circumstances, Lyana is set out to chose the prince of the House of a Whispers during the ceremony. What she doesn’t realize is, her prince has is own secrets. He’s not the Prince, but the Princes bastard brother in disguise as him.

The characters were so well-crafted. Each had a distinct personality that was easily defined. Lyana craved her freedom and sought happiness which paved the way for a stubborn protagonist. I loved it. Rafe allowed grief to consume him, thus granting him the title of complete asshole. Cassi was led by duty and blinded by love. And Xander was....he was just the cinnamon roll.

Every single one had their own unique story in which I was interested. Whether it was a stubborn princess with a knack for trouble, a bastard born son who went the extra mile to stay out of the way, a soldier sworn to her king, or a boy trying to find the good in everyone around him, I was here for it. All of it.

The world building was quite interesting. Above, the people have wings and don’t possess magic. If they do, they’re killed for it. Below the mist, the people HAVE magic but have one wing or no wings, because they were shunned from above.

It’s funny because I didn’t actually care during those first one hundred pages of Lyana preparing to chose a mate. It wasn’t that it was poorly written, or boring, I just went in with the idea that it wouldn’t wow me. Kaitlyn, however, had different plans for me.

Let’s just go ahead and skip to that ending. (Spoilers)

Through the book, Cassi visits her King Malek who she reports to about Rafe and Lyana. By the time that wicked climax comes to pass, the King comes to the world above and he and Cassi cause quite a bit of trouble for Xander and Lyana during their ceremony. It ends with Rafe losing a wing and being what we assume-but-don’t-really-assume is killed, Xander being stabbed and revived, and Lyana being captured by King Malek who cuts her wing as well 😭.

It’s funny, this book did not seem capable of reaching such dark depths, but it DID. I thought it was too delicate of a book, but it wasn’t! My god was I slapped in the face with that ending. Loved it. Need more.

I do have one it’s-probably-just-me complaint though. The moment Rafe decides to play along with Lyana and actually be with her for one night. That was rushed. It felt super rushed. It’s a romance so give me those details to some degree! I get that we needed to get to Xander walking in on them, but like have one of them remember the night. Go back to it. Do something. I wanted more from their ONE romantic night together.
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