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Yesterday's Gone by Sean Platt
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Mar 31, 2012

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As we left our intrepid survivors, they just discovered that...


You may have not read the first book yet. Let's just say they are in deep shit. This is episode two for the serial novel, Yesterday Gone, While it doesn't quite meet my criteria for four stars like the first installment did, it is still a tense and exciting tale. I wanted a little more explanation in part two on what is happening. I think the key to a good serial is to reveal at least one big thing in each part, but maybe the authors have something else in mind. I also had a little more trouble following the mega-cast in the alternating chapters (Tip: offer a one page character listing at the beginning). Yet the story is still imaginative and scary like a good King epic. Now that I'm out of free episodes, I am going to buy the rest...'cause I'm hooked.

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Shovelmonkey1 me too. I am loving this series but have cheaped out thus far and only downloaded the free one. Its econochic - there's a crisis in the eurozone so cut me some slack!

Marvin I hear you. But I did break down and purchased Season I. Finished it but haven't reviewed it yet. It will get a solid four stars though.

Shovelmonkey1 Tis good. It gets an opposable monkey thumbs up here!

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