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Some Like it Plaid by Angela Quarles
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it was amazing

Some Like it Plaid
Angela Quarles
Release date 11/18/2019
Publisher Entangled Amara

Blurb :

When Ashley Miller sees a Craigslist ad for an all-expense paid vacation to Scotland with a handsome Highland “escort”, she’s all over it. Worn out from working two jobs to pay off the debts her scam artist ex-husband left her with, she just needs a friggin’ break already. Rolling, misty mountains of the Scottish Highlands, here she comes!
But one minute she’s sipping a latte and the next she’s zapped to the 2nd century and promptly informed she’s managed to wed her handsome Highlander without even an “I do.” Oh, hell no.
After a devastating tragedy, Connall’s tribe is left with few marriageable women. When his Druid priest suggests a place filled with bonnie lasses, he of course agrees to go fetch one for himself. But nothing prepared Connall for his sassy new wife, nor his tribe for a woman determined to see equal rights for all women.
Now the men are threatening revolt if he can’t rein his young wife in, but it might be too late. The women are demanding the men get “woke”—which of course makes no sense because they already woke that morn—and give women “the vote,” whatever the bloody hell that is. Despite all that, Connall can’t stop wanting to convince his wife to get naked, and he’s starting to wonder if he’s been bewitched.
Only the more he gets to know her, the more he starts to think she’s just what they needed. If only he survives her next demand...

My review :

What a woman is to do when instead of job offer in Scotland, she finds herself unstuck in time, estranged from everything she has always known...

Wow, since I have read Must Love Breeches, I was eagerly waiting for this new time travel romance. And the wait was worth it.
It is a so different story than the few books I have read by Mrs Angela Quarles, first the choice of a very remote place and time, then her soft feminism plea.
Ashley is feeling like she is a disappointment , her family has always made her sense as if everything she does is not right or doomed to failure. And alas, even her marriage went to ash, her trust betrayed by her ex-husband.
Now she must hide to avoid being caught in the cross-fire of those looking for her ex’s debts.
So what’s better than this weird job offer so far away she might escape her burden and be able to hold her head high again.
Connall is doing what he has to help ensure a future for his clan. He just not expected the magic of his Druid to send him far in time to find the right woman for him.
Yet, he is back home with a 21st century woman, not very pleased with the outcome of her answering to a Craiglist add.
I must confess Ashley is one hell of a woman, I have landed in a so backward place, I would have been running screaming my arms up whatever the yummy piece of highland hunk next to me.
Outside the magic side of the story, theirs is the universal one of acceptance and consideration of each one value.
Connall is a fair and kind fellow, he wants to do what is right for his tribe, finding a wife if he has too but also let her go if she feels she does not belong among his kin. He only follows the way of his father and those before him. Why even if he respects Ashley, he is not yet ready to share control with someone he feels it is his mission to protect, not the other way.
Ashley swore to never again feel helpless in a relationship, she wants a common ground where things can be discussed together. She accepts she is no match to the men’s strength but she also knows women have other values than brawn.
So when Connall appears to listen to what she has to say, she begins to wonder if going back to her time is the right decision. But not everything is what it seems, and their journey to trusting one another will not be a straight and easy one.

Outside the romance, the author did an awesome job at recreating the period and its way of life. The landscapes and the different housings become real along the words as the various peoples interactions.

5 stars for this entertaining tale about the ubiquitous quest of the right person destined to be our other half.

I was granted an advance copy through Netgalley by the publisher. Prior to it, I preordered my own.
Here is my true and unbiased opinion.


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