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Faith of the Fallen by Terry Goodkind
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it was ok
Recommended for: Not So Much

Alrighty, then ... I just finished it. I will be on to something else in my library for a while. Tired of Goodkind rehashing who characters are and their past relationships for pages. If one's been reading in sequence, we arlready know who they are.

There is two points that crossed the line of tedium:

1. Goodkind dives in headfirst into exploration ofsocialism vs. capitalism and totalitarianism vs. deomocracy with two of the characters for what seems like an eterinty. While I embrace this exploration with Victor Hugo, Goodkind's journey on the subject feels more like five courses of McDonalds rather than (for expample)Hugo's thought provocing five courses of delicacies. Goodkind dictates his theories like a preacher at a podium. It becomes tedious and preachy. This is not his idiom.

2. Head on journey into the dogma of religion. It is becomming page after page of debate. Many pages are filled with no character interaction, but character refelction on what their current perception of morality and righ and wrong is. Again, not an exploration, but a tiresome rut of sticky mud.

Both topics are concentrated on two main characters. I found myself dreading the chapters visiting these two. It is making the last half a quick read, as I am just skimming through. Victor Hugo can do this: Terry Goodkind should not.

I would only recomend this book if you are reading the series and want to visit your charaters whilst skimming through the muck and mire.

Not sure if I will read the next book. The others I've read give me cause to give the next one a chance, but I am honestly borderline at present.
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Missie I agree with you on the monotony of the books...I also get frustrated with the books doing so much "review" of the characters. We all know who Kahlan is, Richard's past, and that Richard killed so-and-so or did whatever-it-was. I've stopped reading the books and have started to listen to the audio books instead because I can kind of zone out when it goes into the review parts. Otherwise, I am struggling to finish the books more and more as the series goes on.

Hannah Yeah I hear you on the whole, re-explaining the plot at the beginning of every book. I do hope you went onto the next one, though, I've just started it and it's quite different since the main characters are put on the back burner for so long.

Masyhur Hilmy I can't agree more on how preachy it was, and the lack of interactions just make it worse.
I must say this is the first time I found a derivative work (its Legend of the Seeker TV series--which I watched first before starting reading the series) more interesting than the original work.

Seone Thank goodness! I'm so glad to find other people who think this book is preachy! While I enjoyed the beginning of this series, I think this is the point at which it took a complete dive. Can't believe he has released #12 - I thought Confessor was to be the last :S

Bill The rehashing I could live with. The Randian diatribe I could not.

Benjamin Just finished and wrote my own review. Almost said the same thing as you.

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