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Still by Lauren F. Winner
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Mar 31, 2012

really liked it

I cling to the wall.

Lauren F. Winner tells a story about her mid faith crisis, to make the point that the spiritual life is not a one way street, or is free from static and chaos. My own experience with religion and spirituality yields a point that is similar. What I take away from this book is comfort and some visual insights -- that is to say, her writing provoked meaningful imagery. One image is of a very firm ivory wall, that seems compact, but upon a closer look, it yields and breaks apart into tiny prisms of light that your hand can actually pass through. This book reminds me that when it feels like there is a wall in front of me, that I can pause and wait, and eventually there will be a breakthrough.

I would like to warn the author that she has only just begun, and that there will be a few more bumps ahead in the road ... at least there were for me.

Pg. 141:
The story ends with Luke's telling us that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. A little like escaping to the quiet of a museum, I think. What can it mean for a place to be lonely? A place, lonely like Jesus? Lonely like me?
Maybe I can make my loneliness into an invitation -- to Jesus -- that he might withdraw into me and pray.

Pg. 149
And I know that a simpler explanation is that the voice came from within me, that this was myself noticing and calling attention to the ways in which I had already begun to feel stable and steady and newly alive. But that explanatin, while admittedly more reasonable than my knowing the voice to to be God's, is incomplete. Even on days when I don't believe in God, I still will tell you that one night, while sitting in church, I heard God's voice, naming a resurrection of sorts, telling me I could stay.


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