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Unnatural by Michael Griffo
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Mar 31, 2012

it was ok
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** spoiler alert ** This book can be described in two words: Water Vamps. What the H?

When i first started reading this book it started off in a good direction. I liked the writting style and could see the opening scene in the car with Michael, his grandfather and RJ. It was really well done but then it didd a complete 18O. The dialogue was like an ABC Family after school special complete with teen coming to grips with the fact that he is gay. Which could have been a good story arc if the words werent so corny.

Michael moves to England with his estranged father after his mother committed suicide, why she did it i dont exactly know, i personally cant remember a reason being brought up besides she had a rough patch of depression. He starts at a new school, an all boys exclusive school where on his fforst day he runs into Ronan, in the rain of course, and becomes completly infatuated with him. But hold on theres more. Michaels room mate happens to be none other than Ronans half brother, who sort of sets them up to meet.
Now Michaels infatuation is completly mirrored by Ronans. It ends up that the two of them are destined to be together. Now the only problem with that is that Ronan is a hybrid vampire and the only way tehy can fully be together is for him to change Michael, but theres more to the transition than that. Michael has to drink from the sacred "well" in order to be a hybrid like Ronan. Hold on it gets better. The back story to Ronans kind is that a vampire,in the traditional sense, fell in love with a woman from Atlantis, It was forbidden of course but he changed her out of Love and that was the begining of their kind. They are a dying kind because one can only transform another out of love. True Love.
But the regular vampires are trying to stop the breed all together and keep them from turning loved ones. So Ronan trying to turm michael is not going over very well.
Theres deaths at the academy and changes into vampires and oh yeah there are contact lenses that the vamps where designed by non other thatn michaels dad that helps them cover their eyes and reflect light. But vampires can also walk during the day as long as they are Archangel ground. What does it all mean? I have no clue.
But in the end Ronan changed michael and after a few chapters of anger and resetment he decided that his life with ronan was worth the trouble and death in a way and completed the transformation at the well.
Ronans brother an dMichaels roommate was not so happy. After years of wanting to be part of the family but their mother never agreeing to it, becasue of something that was never mentioned that happened in the past,begged their enemy Nokano to change hima after his brother once again refused. He was not changed but decided to take things into his own hands by performing experiments on blood samples onhis own.
Once again i ask, what does it all mean?
So the book ends. It ends with Ronan and Michael happy, but since there is another book i assume happiness doesnt last long, and Cairan, ther brother being offered a job by the enemy.
while im not gonna rush out to get the second part of this any time soon, i do have to say the absurdity of this book made me want to see how it all ends and i will eventually try the next.

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