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Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian
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Mar 30, 2012

it was amazing

A very enjoyable and captivating read. This is the first book in a series giving a different spin on the origins of vampires. The Breed are descends of an alien race that came to Earth and found most food sources incompatible with their bodies. Human blood was the only food source that they could utilise and they did this with a ferocious appetite , nearly wiping out mankind in the process. The first children (Gen one’s) of the invaders saw how wrong this was and set about introducing laws to protect mankind, a) to ensure a continuous food source and b) to ensure their own anonymity from humans. Very few of the Gen Ones (the first generation) now survive …… Lucan is one of them and he is more than 900 years old. He is tall, dark, brooding, gorgeous and sexy. He is also a tired and weary Warrior, fighting not to succumb to bloodlust.

All vampires are male. Their only hope of continuing their race is to mate with human females who have compatible wombs to carry this alien race. These females are called BreedMates and they are rare. Marked out by a birthmark showing a tear drop falling in to a crescent moon.

Gabrielle is a Breedmate. She doesn’t know. She is a successful photographer with few friends. A loner. Someone who has always felt out of step with the world. Like all Breedmates she has a gift unique to her. Unfortunately her gift has brought her to the attention of the Master of the Rogues …. Vampires who kill indiscriminately and without care of detection.

Lucan feels honour bound to protect her and keep her safe ……. a Breedmate is rare and precious. However, in doing so he must also try to protect her from himself and the fierce urgings that dominate him every time that they are together.

Wow! I really enjoyed this book and started the sequel as soon as I’d finished. The story gives an interesting twist on the Vampire story and is fleshed out with interesting and well developed backstories. The characters are well developed, the details thought-out and the plot runs smoothly. The book is a real page-turner as the reader is caught up in the fast paced action. There were a few scenes that really had me holding my breath and had my heart beating faster ….. like the one where Gabrielle is exploring the inside of the old asylum.

A great book that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys Vampire or Fantasy genre.

Warning – contains sexually explicit content, which I felt were appropriate to the story but this isn’t for a bashful reader!

Warning – contains references to self-harming that could prove to be potential triggers.

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