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Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein
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Mar 30, 2012

really liked it
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****FINAL RATING: 4.10 STARS****

Pretty Amy was an extremely powerful book. It certainly wasn't the easier thing in the world to read, and I definitely struggled and some points. It was heartbreaking and real. It really managed to ring true even though it was do dramatic and unusual. The premise was exotic, but the issues and topics it covers are decidedly not.

Amy was a really relatable character. More than anything, she wants to stand out and have attention. She has an awesome sense of humor and seems like such a cool girl to get to know! She's really relatable and a lot of people will understand her and feel themselves identify with her. She wants to be a someone, so she falls in with the wrong people. It's not a good decision, but it is an understandable one.

Because it wasn't really romance
Aaron was basically a jerk. He pretended like he cared about Amy and seemed so sweet and genuine, but really it was all just a game to him and he is the jerk who stands her up at prom. It was a shame he turned out to be such a jerk because he really seemed pretty awesome at first, but he wasn't.
Joe is Amy's childhood friend that she loses after she starts hanging out with Cassie and Lila. He is so sweet and nice and awesome and the kind of guy who is absolutely impossible not to love. I definitely really loved him and wish he had been in the book a little more, but that's the way things go.

They seemed so alike to me that they really don't need separate sections. They're bad girls who do things you shouldn't do at their age (smoking, which you shouldn't do at any age, but also drinking and sex) and they take Amy under their wing. Also, Lisa really shouldn't have need Lila, well, Lila. It's need good form to give a character a name that close to your own. That would be like me naming a character Annabella or even Ardabelle or Isabelle or something. Anyway, these two were troublemakers and the kind of girls you secretly want to be, but not really. You know what I mean?

I forget her name, if indeed it was ever mentioned. She reminded me of my mom, they way she handled things and how she twisted everything. It was amusing and she seemed really real. She didn't really handle things well, which made for a great story.

The plot was pretty damn awesome.

I did find myself confused in a few places, but that was usually smoothed out pretty quickly. I generally could keep up and really understood what was going on.

It was most definitely an original concept. While a little far-fetched, it dealt with real issues that were relevant, prom arrest or not. Getting stood up, falling in with the wrong crowd, wanting to belong...

It was really good, and the plot was definitely something I admire.

There wasn't a ton of this, other than a bit of heartbreak that made me really feel for Amy. It was so hard to read about because that kind of thing really happens to some girls, and it really just sucks.

Lisa has awesome writing. It's really fun to read, and Amy has a relatable and realistic voice. I found myself strongly connecting to the writing. Lisa has a fantastic sense of humor that really comes through, too. I found myself often laughing and had a really fun time. The writing is fun and it was a joy to read.

Amy's growth by the end of the novel is stunning and impressive. The ending itself was really good, and not to clean. It wasn't everything wrapped up in a bow, but it was pretty nice. I definitely think it was a good way to end the book, and it was clearly a developed ending with time and effort put into it.

I'll definitely be reading Dear Cassie, the follow-up to Pretty Amy, and probably future books from Lisa. I was really impressed by Pretty Amy and am thrilled to welcome Lisa into the YA book industry.


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