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Bear Meets Girl by Shelly Laurenston
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Ok, I'm going to say right up front that I view my reading of Shelly Laurenston as a necessity. I use her humour to help me cope with on-going health issues. Being able to KNOW that I can pick up one of her books--even one that I haven't read before--and be promised a laughfest is very important on days when I am having a lot of pain. And Shelly's books really ARE funny. I mean, come on, a wolf-wild dog hybrid (of the human persuasion) who uses the fact that she is slightly insane (in a good way) to try to help friends, family and total strangers (except that I don't think that Blayne has ever met a total stranger) to better lives. Plus of course, the descriptions of the various sub-species of shape-shifters. Bears that, in human form are over seven feet tall? Considering the fox shifters to be the shifter equivalent of con-artists. Various biker "gangs" that are actually were-wolf packs--and, despite their obsession with motorcycles of all shapes, sizes and costs--are fairly normal business people. Oh, and I LOVE the Van Holtz wolves. They own a steakhouse chain and are total food snobs. Then there are the hybrids--the kids who have parents of two different shifter species. Bear-lion, wolf-wild dog, tiger-lion, bear-canine, wolf-leopard. . .

As long as Shelly is having so much fun with her characters and allows US to share that fun, I'll go on reading her works.
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