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Boundless by Cynthia Hand
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Mar 29, 2012

it was amazing

Mar 22, 2012
...QQ just re-read 2nd book.. but really? 2013? isnt apocalypse suppose to be before that? so can we move up the publication date? pretty please?

Jun 29, 2012
Wow, the cover is gorgeous~~~ so is the name~~ Oh gawd, sooooo tooorrrn between Christian and Tucker >_< Christiannnnnn, <3... Tucker, <3 >_< i'll take whoever clara dont want. gogo write faster, edit faster, print faster!!! Oh btw.. hmm I can't seem to remember if this series is trilogy.. seems to remember that from somewhere?

Dec 8, 2012
I.Need.This.Book.NOW! God it's been so long.. I hope Clara ends up with Tucker >< You know, I'm kind of sad, cause I can't remember what about Christian made me love him in the second book.... I just remember I did... So I guess I'm back to being a faithful member of Team Tucker now XDD Tucker I love you!!! If I had a wish I'd wish him real and MINE!

Jan 12, 2013
TEN.MORE.DAYS~~~~!!! tucker babeh this long distance relationship thing isnt working so great, ;_; i miss you so much.

Jan 24, 2013
Oh gosh, this book did not disappoint at all. It was fun and exciting. In the first book I fell in love with Tucker, second book I fell in love with Christian, and this third and final book I began to really start to like Clara (I used to think she's overly spoiled and self absorbed). Which is fitting and fantastic. The only thing that I wished there were more of was TUCKER!!!!... Q_Q I think maybe he only shows up in like 20 pages collectively? I is a sad panda ._.
This book was definitely a thrilling and adventurous end for the trilogy, lots of twists in the plot and elements that really make the story come together and tied the loose ends. BUT! BUT! I.WANTNEED.MORE.TUCKER! Doh! I wish the epilogue was longer, or there's a short story or something, because it just feels like there's something missing and untold; and it's saddening, especially since we haven't seen much of the Tucker we fell in love with so hopelessly in the 2nd and last books.

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