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The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
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Mar 29, 2012

really liked it

A bandaged man comes to town and sparks much intrigue. Especially when he is invisible beneath the bandages and has a murderous and chaotic plan in mind.

This was a typical Victorian sci-fi to me. Science is dangerous! Play with it and you will get hurt. And hurt others. And want to bring on a reign of terror! This is where you should scream….

We actually read this for bookclub and I’m not sure others enjoyed it either because they are not such fans of Victorian writing style as I am or just couldn’t get past the hatred for the invisible man. The hatred is the whole point. You are not supposed to like him. He steals because he can. He thinks nothing of threats and murder or using animals for his experiments. This is over a hundred years ago and I’m sure there were still people who thought animals don’t have feelings like we do. Heck, there are still today people who believe this, we just like to pretend they don’t exist and certainly they are less public about their feelings.

Victorian sci-fi always seems to have a moral to the story. This one is that some aspects of science should be let alone. Invisibility seems a boon but footprints are still visible and what of winter? One is not invisible when clothed. And how can one do regular business in order to eat? I liked the book. I like the genre. What more can I say?


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