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Above by Leah Bobet
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This book is not what it seems-- it isn't yet another pseudo-dramatic tale of teen love in the midst of survival in a scary world. (...Ok, maybe it is a little.)
Anyway, what the description doesn't tell you is that this is a difficult read, and the subject matter is heavy, and there's a lot of metaphor lying around. Of course not: teens don't want to read those books because they've already had more than enough of them in their high school English class.
The problem is, there is a level of depth and and humanity and introspection achieved by reading these types of books, and we don't always like to have our reality shaken up like that--especially when we're young. Which is exactly why its assigned in English class: because teens like their safe-self-spheres and unless they are forced to "see" outside it, they'll never grow up. (Wow, I might have just made a breakthrough 15 years late).
So anyway,kudos to the publishers for trying to sneak it past like it's all normal, when in fact it's smart and thought-provoking and fragile.
And wow to the author for not making this into one of those depressing-someone's-got-cancer stories that I firmly avoid, and cleverly hiding the brokenness of her characters between fantasy and reality. I've read too many shallow YA books lately and needed a good dose of genuflection.

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