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A Night Like This by Julia Quinn
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Hell hath frozen over, ladies and ladies. Here I stand, a Julia Quinn fan, who, alas, couldn't stomach another word of said author's newest release.

It's sad, but the reason for such shock-and-awe comes from the fact that I Hate ("Hate" with a capital, mind you) insta-love. There is probably nothing more in the entire realm of Romancelandia that I abhor more than you-has-purdy-hair = I HEART YOU FOREVER!

I'm sure lovers of this book will say I haven't allotted A Night Like This sufficient pages. My response? Too true, but, regardless of how much this book might improve in subsequent pages, nothing will change the fact the hero, Daniel, spotted Anne-what's-her-face from across the room, and immediately ran after this chick and lip-raped her face. Did he have a single clue as to who she was? Nope. Did this guy for one moment think said awesome-chick might have been attached? Nope. Did said guy know anything of this woman's personality or nature? Nope. Do guys necessarily need a woman's background history to spontaneously want to bang or play epic-kiss-face? Definitely not.

My problem, simply put, boils down to the fact that it makes absolutely no feasible sense as to why this hero had suddenly grown obsessed with this woman. I might can buy a sudden heat of the moment rush-after, possibly. I cannot, however, stomach the level of uber obsession this hero was written to harbor. There are few things which turn me off so immediately to a romance novel, but insta-love is absolutely one of my buttons of oh-hell-no. Sorry, Julia Quinn, but this fact, compared with what I've read by other Goodreads one-star reviews on this book, and A Night Like This is an immediate DNF.
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message 1: by MB (new) - rated it 2 stars

MB "I Hate ("Hate" with a capital, mind you) insta-love. There is probably nothing more in the entire realm of Romancelandia that I abhor more than you-has-purdy-hair = I HEART YOU FOREVER!"

You and me both, sister!!!

Fangirl Musings Hon, you are SO dead-on with this! I think the ONLY place I can/could ever tolerate insta-love is in the place of my Disney classic films, and only then because of nostalgia! I think the concept, truly, is a very big disservice to the format of romance literature and fiction.

I think the only thing that makes me madder, truly, is the whole Twilight crap. (Which, come to think of it, is the Mecca for insta-love. Go figure.)

message 3: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Sanders I liked the book, but you expressed my own frustration with the story very very well!

Fangirl Musings That's AWESOME Amy! It's so funny, because looking back I wrote this review in 2012 and my writing style and voice has changed so drastically. (Case in point, NOW I have a YouTube channel where I review mostly Korean dramas, but now starting to bring in romance novel reviews.) There, all my content and reviews are scripted, so it's so nice to know that something I wrote years ago still holds up today!

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