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Recommended for: Wicked Lovely fans and those who are into cute, fun stories... with mush.

This book was a bit difficult to rate. I didn't know whether I wanted to give it a three or a four. A three because I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the second volume... but I did enjoy it and didn't find too many faults in this volume so I just went with a four. Plus, I have been somewhat of a fan of the novels so... I guess I can just say this. If you aren't a huge fan of the series, then I would rate this a three. If you are, a four. Alright onwards!

I can't believe it's over. I was actually enjoying myself whilst reading these. They were so much fun! It's short, cute, a little on the annoying side, but entertaining overall. You don't have to read all the books to understand what is going on. However, you will have to read at least the first two to three books in order to understand what is going on in the plot because it can get very confusing very fast if you don't. Then again, if you're reading the third volume of this manga then you probably know that already. XD I think the third volume, though not as amazing as the second, was still a very good read and a great way to bring the trilogy to a close. All loose ends were tied up and some of the big issues I had in the previous books were solved in this one. In fact, I don't have too many complaints about this one. One or two things about Rika but that's to be expected. She a female lead in a YA based manga so, naturally, she's going to be a little stupid. But more on that later. I'm just really glad I chose to pick this manga series up.

Melissa Marr has made me very happy. Her work can be hit or miss with me so I can never be too sure if I am going to like what she is going to throw my way. With this manga series, however, I was quite happy with the results. She created a storyline unique to the world she created and it worked. In this volume, she managed to solve all the questions you had with the last two in an orderly manner. The only thing about this volume that made it a bit slow for me was the fact that there was hardly any action. A lot of the action came towards the end of the book. It was okay but I would have liked a bit more of punch in the last novel. Another that irked me the wrong way was the mush scenes. Too many for my liking. I just... vomit every time Jayce and Rika were together. To me, it was romantic. More nauseating than anything else. Still, it wasn't too bad and I was able to pull through towards the middle. Besides those two things, the story was great. I really liked it. I'm not saying too much about the plot because I am always too afraid that I might give too much away. Just trust me when I say that Marr did a pretty good job with this. It was a lot of fun to read through.

Xian Nu Studio did it again! The art work~ So pretty~ I've said how much I love the art in previous reviews so I won't go on and on about it again. I'll keep it brief. I love their style. They know how to capture the characters emotions well and they just know how to move scenes along even if there's no dialogue being said. One panel really stood out to me in this volume and that was the one where Summer and Winter collided. It was beautiful and I was left in awe! It's such a great drawing style and I would so read more works drawn by them in the future.

It's time to talk about the characters! I will have to say that I do not like Rika one bit. I think she's selfish and shallow... BUT! I do think she improved a little in this volume. Key word: little. She's still selfish and shallow but at least she wasn't boy hopping like she was in the last volume. Here. She was mad at Sion for most of the manga because of what he did in the last volume (if you read it, you know what I mean) but I found that to be stupid. The reason he did what he did was because he cared for her. He saw her as family and wanted her happiness. If she can't see that then she's stupid, which she is. *Rolls eyes* Whatever. She's not the best main character. Jayce is still dull. He's nice to her but he does nothing but support her the entire way through. TAKE SOME ACTION YOU NINNY! And there was a scene her that really got under my skin. When Rika told him to not go with her because it's dangerous, he says how he wants to be with her but for her not to worry because he has his own life.. he just wanted her in it. It just sounded really arrogant to me. I would have been pissed if someone said that to me. Then again, I have a short temper. XP In any case, he was boring. Maili was epic as always~ And sexy~ And badass~ She's the bad guy but I still love her! XD Keenan was still a douche. Donia was beautiful! I love her~ It was nice seeing them interact in the manga and to see some flashbacks to the first novel! ^_^ They were pretty to look at. My absolute favorite character, Sionnach, was awesome~ As if that would change! I won't rant to you about how awesome I think he is (I did that in my last review) but I really do love how caring he is. I love how he developed his relationship with Rika into that of a brother/sister one. It was cute. He introduced his girlfriend, Carissa, and I first I thought she was going to be a pathetic girl... but she turned out to be pretty cool. Very understanding. We don't see a lot of her... but I feel she would be a great match for my love~ Ah~ Sion~ How I wish you were here so I can just do yums with you~ <3333

Anyway, if you love Wicked Lovely, pick up this manga series. I feel like it would right right up your alley! It's so much fun and entertaining that you won't even feel like you spent time reading it. It goes by so quickly. I know I really enjoyed it and I usually have a hard time reading Melissa Marr's stuff. The plot was good, the characters had life to them (minus Jayce), and the art is amazing! At the very least, check it out of your library. If you read the novels, you should at least read these once through. I know after reading all three volumes of the manga, I will be adding it to my collection. ^_^ Anyway, that's it for today! I shall return tomorrow with another manga/graphic novel to review... because I am still very much addicted to them! XD
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March 29, 2012 – Started Reading
March 29, 2012 – Shelved
March 29, 2012 –
page 1
0.57% "Last in this manga series. I'm excited to see where this takes me. The last volume left me with high hopes so I am eager to find out what's going to happen next. ^_^ I can't wait. Hopefully, there won't be any stupid I will have to deal with."
March 29, 2012 –
page 3
1.7% "*Cracks up* I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't laugh when a baby gets hurt but look at that face the faery put on! It's hilarious! XD Oh, and I am SOOOOO glad we are opening up with Sion. He's worth so much more than that Rika will ever be. Also... I hope Rika won't do something stupid just because of what Sion did in the last volume. It wasn't even that bad! Girl needs to go on meds."
March 29, 2012 –
page 7
3.98% "God! Sion! You are so sexy!!! *Swoons*"
March 29, 2012 –
page 10
5.68% "And let the nauseating action begin! *Head/desk*"
March 29, 2012 –
page 15
8.52% "*Vomits*"
March 29, 2012 –
page 21
11.93% "Oh, God... STOP WITH THE KISSING ALREADY!!! Don't you got to do something important? Like defend the desert and making sure your faeries don't kill innocent people? And another thing! What the hell kind of line was that, Jayce? You have a life and you want to be in hers and what other bullshit? If a guy said that to me, I'd tell him to piss off! Okay... not getting off on the right foot with this manga."
March 29, 2012 –
page 27
15.34% "WAH!!! IT'S DONIA AND HER PUPPY!!! I LOVE THESE TWO!!! <3333 Maybe I'm just acting like this because I finally don't have to see anymore of the mush. Ugh..."
March 29, 2012 –
page 30
17.05% "Oh! It's her! I remember her! She was sexy~ I liked her~ X3"
March 29, 2012 –
page 33
18.75% "Flashbacks from the first novel! Sweet! I get to see it in manga form! It's great~ You know, I only like Keenan (a little bit) when he's with Donia. I feel she brings the best out of him. That's impressive she as how he's a lying sleazeball. -_-""
March 29, 2012 –
page 35
19.89% "I hope this bimbo is worth having my baby's heart! If she turns out to be a pathetic bitch, I'm kicking Marr in the ass. *Hiss*"
March 29, 2012 –
page 39
22.16% "Even if he does have this Carissa with him now, Sion is still hilarious and cute~ <333"
March 29, 2012 –
page 43
24.43% "Bleh... my jealousy is getting the better if me. But this Carissa girl doesn't seem too bad. She's understanding and not the jealous type from what I can see. (I, on the other hand, am completely jealous and want her to back up off my man! XD) In all seriousness, I think she's okay. I don't have any complaints... yet."
March 29, 2012 –
page 49
27.84% "I HAVE A SWEET TOOTH AS WELL, SION!!! And I kill it with pie, too. Pumpkin pie. Mmmm... I needs me some more pie~ <3"
March 29, 2012 –
page 56
31.82% "Oh my God! Look at the puppy! I love him so much! And Donia is amazing, too~ She is stating all the facts nice and clear so that way Rika knows them and understands them. To let Rika know what she is getting herself into. What I don't understand is WHY Rika would do something like that when she said she wants to be free? This is still slavery, in a sense. This just proves that she's still bitter towards Keenan."
March 29, 2012 –
page 57
32.39% "...see? What did I say? And the fact that this is the only plan that you know, means you are stupid. You should have talk to Sion about all this and not be a huge baby about the little things he has done. Moron..."
March 29, 2012 –
page 60
34.09% "D'awwww!!! Look at that face! He's so cute! <3333 Sion~ <333"
March 29, 2012 –
page 71
40.34% "UNF!!! HE'S STILL BEING SEXY!!! <333"
March 29, 2012 –
page 80
45.45% "Even whilst injured... he still fights. He's such an inspiration! Love you, Sion... let me have your ears to play with! XD TROLOLOLOLOL"
March 29, 2012 –
page 85
48.3% "DUN DUN DUN! Summer vs. Winter. Who shall come out on top!? >:3"
March 29, 2012 –
page 90
51.14% "Oh, I love how the artist combined the summer scene with the winter scene in this one panel. That was very cool and epic! <3"
March 29, 2012 –
page 103
58.52% ""I did. I'm horrible. But you knew that years ago." Do you see why I love this man so much!? He's just too amazing for words!!! <333"
March 29, 2012 –
page 106
60.23% "He should kiss my nose like that. *Pouts*"
March 29, 2012 –
page 111
63.07% "Poor baby. They are being stupid and it's getting to you, I know. *Hugs him* There. There. And Rika, Sion is right. You didn't HAVE to do it. You did it for selfish reasons, not to protect the desert. Admit it. Stop trying to defend yourself. Ass."
March 29, 2012 –
page 113
64.2% "DAT HAPPEH PUPPEH FAIS!!! *Squeezes Sion*"
March 29, 2012 –
page 123
69.89% "Sion is the most adorable character I have seen in a while! Love him!!! And look! Maili is back! Look at that hair! Those lips! Ack! My heart! Why is she so beautiful!!!"
March 29, 2012 –
page 132
75.0% "Sion is clapping, just having a good time, watching them beat the shit out of each other. What a man!!! <3"
March 29, 2012 –
page 139
78.98% "The faeries are being all nice to Jayce now. It's pretty cool. *Smiles*"
March 29, 2012 –
page 153
86.93% "Ack! No! Not her beautiful hair! Don't pull it, love! I mean, I know she was a bitch and all but... NOT THE BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!"
March 29, 2012 –
page 160
90.91% "Awwww! Sion put away his ears and tail~ I love how he started to call Rika his sister. I finally felt like Rika chose one guy in this book. She wasn't hopping back forth like she was in the previous one. Carissa isn't a bad girl for Sion and Jayce is still Jayce. Supportive, I guess but whatever. So ends the last manga. The rest is a preview for the last book in the series."
March 29, 2012 –
page 176
100.0% "It was a very good manga series. It was pretty good. I liked it. I enjoyed myself quite a bit in reading these. They had some problems but I was able to overlook them. This was such a good read and this one was quite a decent read as well. Review time~"
March 29, 2012 – Shelved as: manga
March 29, 2012 – Finished Reading

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message 1: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe Whoot! 8D Dude, it's awesome that these turned out to be good!! >W< It's so rare to get that nowadays! Especially with how much you told me that Melissa Marr's books are a hit-or-miss, filled with a heckuva lotta stupid and then at times only some epicness, and things worth fangirling about. But this came out to be on the better side of things after all! 8D That's great!!! I sincerely hope that whatever you pick up next is going to be just as smexy for you! >W< I'm really looking forward to the next things you're gonna read. 8D

Rain Misoa Dude, you have NO idea how happy I am that these turned out to be decent! I was so afraid that these were going to be retarded... especially since the first one turned out to be... meh. But MAN! I love this little manga series! It was so cute~ LOVE Sion. <33333333 And I hope I read something epic next. I already know what I am going to read and... I don't have high hopes for it... but we will see~

message 3: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe *Shrugs* Maybe it'll have some redeeming moments. At the very least, you've gotten a break from the previous stupid! 8D With these three~! <333

Rain Misoa Thank God! I couldn't DEAL with anymore stupid. DX But... it seems I will be going back to the stupid. -_-"

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