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A Sliver of Shadow by Allison Pang
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Mar 28, 2012

it was amazing
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I laughed, I cried (A LOT...), I practically weeped then broke down laughing so hard I almost fell off my bed. This book...just wow. I already LOVED Abby before, in A Touch of Darkness, and I love her even more in this one. I also still have such a love for Brystion though...Talivar is AMAZING...if he turns out to be a complete and utter jerk though...I will be sooooo pissed. He really seems to care about Abby. Especially since he has a lot of scars and she is okay with that. So...once again I have fallen in love with a series with a love triangle...I kind of HATE HATE HATE most love triangles. Mainly because you KNOW how they are going to end and end up being slightly pointless...NOT THIS ONE. I have NO IDEA who Abby is going to choose in this book. Yes, she isn't over Ion, but...Talivar is making a SERIOUS stand. Even when Brystion comes back in her life more to help her out...she still has reservations about him which I like since he did betray her in the last book and all. Talivar however...I like him, and I think he deserves to be happy but...I have this bad feeling there is more going on to his story than we have been told so far...I must say I LOVE when a series makes me love both competitors in a love triangle, and in this series I do. Even though Brystion betrayed Abby before, still love him. Even though Talivar may or may not be all that he seems and could possibly be using Abby for his own gain, I still love him. I LOVE that too. I LOVE that even when they make you question their actions I still want the best outcome for them. Also...the little sneak at the next book...I was practically BAWLING at it. I had already started tearing up at the end, but that chapter...I died. I could not handle it. I was so depressed and upset. I cannot WAIT for the next book to come out!! I NEED to find out what happens next!!!!

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Quotes Aileen Liked

Allison Pang
“I squinted at the clock, sighing when I realized it was only 7 A.M. "Christ. Do you think the powers that be would mind if I asked them to make sure the next apocalypse takes place later in the day? Maybe around teatime?"

"Good luck with that.”
Allison Pang, A Sliver of Shadow

Allison Pang
“Talivar slouched in the chair next to me, casually lifting his bare feet to rest upon my chair's footrest. It was an oddly possessive move. It was also oddly sexy.”
Allison Pang, A Sliver of Shadow

Allison Pang
“Eh, I've always rather enjoyed being fashionably late." I picked up the violin case for Melanie, giving her an hug before clambering off the rock. "I feel like we should be leading a procession in, Pied Piper style."

"I know just the thing." A hint of her old self peeked through her eyes.

A moment later the first bars of "Safety Dance" hummed from the strings. I bit my lip trying not to giggle. Together the two of us broke out in lopsided chorus as I twirled about her. Ignoring the stares of the elves, we strutted up the center of the caravan, Brystion trailing behind us bemusedly.”
Allison Pang, A Sliver of Shadow

Allison Pang
“It’s like having my very own pet Legolas.”
Allison Pang, A Sliver of Shadow

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