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Pretty When She Dies by Rhiannon Frater
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Mar 28, 2012

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Amaliya had a feeling that her morals were slipping fast and that she wasn't thinking clearly. But at the same time, it felt good to not really care. If she was going to have to feed, then she shouldn't have to feel bad, right?

Pretty When She Dies is the first book in a Trilogy and as first books go this was pretty good. With most first books there is usually alot of information that drags the story down. However in this book Amaliya is a newly turned vampire who's been told to fend for herself by the vampire who turned her, so the readers get to learn everything along with Amaliya. The story starts off with Amaliya clawing her way out of her grave, something that gave me chills down my spine. She's disorientated and has trouble remembering anything of her former life. Once she gets her bearings she manages to make it to her old dorm room and clean off the dirt then sets out to find herself a warm dinner. While she's in the throws of blood lust she sucks dry a room full of people in the middle of an orgy, all while her maker watches on with sick appreciation. After Amaliya starts coming back to herself she realizes whats shes done and gets the hell away from there. Having no other choice but to flee she decides that finding another her kind that is willing to help her is her only safe option left.

“Perhaps you should go home now. It is very late.”
“You're trying to get rid of me,” Samantha said in an accusing tone. Roberto whirled on her, and said in a fierce voice, “This is not about you!” Samantha drew back, startled.
“Yes. Yes, it is! I'm his fiancée, asshole!”

I really liked the heroine of this book. At first she seems like a bit of a pushover but once she gets away from her old life she really starts to take control and refuses to take crap from anyone. As soon as she hits Austin TX she goes on the hunt from a local vampire to help her but soon finds out that she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Pun not intended. While out hunting one night Cian (pronounced Key-Inn) runs into Amaliya, so what's a vampire to do when someone invades his territory? Go all cave man, bash her in the back of the head and sling her over your shoulder apparently. I loved Cian he was the perfect balance of kind and caring man VS sexy and smouldering vampire. There's only one thing wrong...he's engaged to be married to the cute, perky Samantha. A character that annoyed me SO much, she had a tendency to stamp her foot and whine whenever she didn't get her way. However it made for some delicious and forbidden tension between Amaliya and Cian.

“I'll teach you the basics of our abilities tomorrow and then you must leave.”
“Okay,” she said softly.
“Because if you don't go,” he hesitated. “If you don't go tomorrow, I may never let you go.”

This book ended well, something that I'm so thankful for. It was a closed ending with the hint of problems to come. I look forward to book 2 and hope to god Samantha isn't in the story all that much.
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8.0% "Wow Amaliya has such a horrible family. I feel so sorry for her."
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44.0% "God Samantha is such a spoilt little bitch!" 2 comments

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Emmy Great review! Yes, Samantha redeemed herself somewhat at the end. I want to read Rhiannon's zombie series now. I liked her writing style and the darker subject matter.

Roxanne I agree, she doesn't shy away from things in her writing and gives the readers the full impact of everything. Even though some of it gave me the creeps I still enjoyed it.

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