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Devotion by Madeline  Stevens
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Breathtaking and elegant—the story pulls you all the way through until you've finished it. I had to force myself to put the book down, but kept thinking about it in the back of my mind. Absolutely entrancing; it's as though you're watching a movie through a pale, pink filter, something ethereal and not-quite real.

The relationships (built) and established between the characters are dynamic and slowly begin to change as events unfold. It makes the actions and exchanges between them more realistic and gives higher stakes to the situations that the characters are put in.

Ella and Lonnie are distorted mirror images of each other, with Ella wishing that she could be more like Lonnie the more that they are together. Wanting to be like her turns into something more serious and deep and Ella finds that she cannot pull herself away, no matter the danger it poses to their relationship (and the relationships she has with other characters.)

Stevens's writing is incredibly easy to follow and keeps the character's voice authentic. And I don't mean to say that the writing being easy means that it's bad; it's incredibly good because it is easy to read. There aren't any narrative tricks or complicated words employed throughout, and it makes the comprehension of the story that much better.

Definitely recommend if you're looking for a good, quick read.


After sitting on this book for 24 hours, I've slightly changed my tune. I tend to write reviews in the afterglow of finishing a book and can get a bit "book-high" from the thrill of being done with another book. So, having thought about this book for a day or so, here's my updated thoughts:

The ending isn't satisfying. It falls in the category of "non-endings" where something sort of happens but nothing is truly resolved. There is so much buildup throughout the entire book that once you get to the end, you're left thinking: "What? That's it? That's the end?"

It's also one of those scenarios in which the whole story seems really good but in fact doesn't accomplish much. As in, there is drama and there are secrets but nothing concrete really happens, or when something does happen, it isn't well-explained or adds anything to the plot.

Devotion is relatively plotless, looking in the rearview mirror. It follows a sequence of events, yes, but it does not really tell a story. There is emotion just under the surface—love, jealousy, betrayal, anger, sadness—but it does not change the characters in any remarkable way and it doesn't genuinely influence the story in any meaningful way.

Most of all, I think it feels like a good book because it reads quickly. I was in and out of this book in just a few days and it felt pretty good the entire time. But after thinking about what actually happened and the story the book was trying to tell, you're just left disappointed. You realize that nothing really changed (or even happened) and you realize that you've just been narrated to for a few hundred pages.

I'd still recommend giving it a read, it certainly won't take up much of your time. But it really does leave you wanting and doesn't quite reach its goal...whatever that's supposed to be.

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