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Pleasure U by Carole  Hart
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Aug 15, 2008

really liked it
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I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good erotica book. I think erotica is my favorite genre… even over Paranormal Romance, and that’s saying something! Pleasure U by Carole Hart only solidified my love for erotica even more! It took me into a world of uncomplicated, no-rules sex. Most of what happens in this book is not something that would really happen in most college campuses in the U.S. today (I think), but it was sure fun to pretend for a while anyway…

Lila had been in love with Tad since she was 15. They met in high school, and immediately seemed to be the perfect couple. Lila was clearly the most beautiful girl at school, and Tad was the most handsome. They had their first sexual experience together, and although Lila considered herself shy, she was willing to try anything for Tad. In fact, she prided herself on being open-minded and willing. After years of dating and graduating high school, Lila and Tad decide to get married. It seemed the natural thing to do after dating all these years, and Lila was hopelessly in love with Tad. Everything changed one night when Tad and Lila were heading out to the beach to make love. She gets undressed and two strange men see her. She should be horrified, but instead she’s turned on! Tad seems disgusted by her behavior. Immediately he makes a confession. When he and his buddies went to New York for a trip, he slept with a stripper, and she was so much bolder and more experienced than Lila. He wants to break off the wedding so he can sleep with other people. Lila is crushed. She wants to be more sexually experienced, so she goes somewhere where she can learn… The Babylona Institute.

The Babylona institute is a college for people that want to have a career in the sex industry. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean prostitutes, it means people that want to be in the industry. Adult film stars and producers, along with sex counselors etc. When Lila first gets there, she almost chickens out, until she meets her student advisor Ben. He is so handsome and kind, they have an immediate attraction to one another. This first meeting turns into something more when they sleep together in his office. She finds out soon after that faculty cannot sleep with students! She and Ben try to avoid each other on campus, and Lila throws herself into her “studies”… studies that include sex 101, exhibitionism, orgies, and lots of other really fun classes where students get a lot of “practical” lessons. Lila meets a lot of really great friends, learns a lot about herself emotionally and sexually, and really becomes an adult.

Lila decides that she wants to go into the adult film industry with Babylona herself (the founder of the school) and knows that she could be very successful. However Ben can’t imagine sharing her with anyone else. She needs to convince Ben that he is the only one that matters in her heart, and she loves him. Can Ben still be a part of her life even though she’ll have to sleep with other people?

Pleasure U is not a realistic book in any way, shape or form. Its pure fun and sexual abandon! If you want to escape from the real world, and all of the preconceived notions about sex, read this book. Carole Hart really does a great job of delivering this unconventional love story while still including an empowering message of: Love yourself for who you are. I really enjoyed this foray into the world of sex-ed.

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message 1: by Collette (new) - added it

Collette Great review! It makes me want to read it and you know how picky I am! lol

message 2: by Blackbook (new) - added it

Blackbook I love this review. What a great idea for a book!


Heather It was a lot of fun to read! I have it if either of you would like to borrow it??


message 4: by Collette (new) - added it

Collette Aww that is sweet of you. Let me wade through my borrowed pile from Marion and Pamela and I might take you up on it. :D

Julie (jjmachshev) Great review Heather.

Heather Thanks guys! ;D


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