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The 19th Christmas by James Patterson
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did not like it

I wish I could just let this series go. It's been a surface level churn for so long, I wonder what's wrong with me that I keep hanging on. This latest installment makes matters worse, and after the book with exploding cheeseburgers, that's surprising. Not only is the cat and mouse thriller a stinker, but the women don't even interact. Women's Murder Club. Seems like a weird element to leave out. They never meet to discuss the mystery, because really there isn't anything good to discuss, and the subplots they do have are underdeveloped and uninteresting. Where is Claire? Seriously, she's always the lowest on the totem pole, but did she even make a single appearance? I can't even remember and I read it in one sitting. So many of the other reviews were this book are unbelievable. Makes me wonder if this "social media" site is just as bot-infested as the others. "Great to have the women back together!" Seriously? What page were the women back together? Boxer has become Benson, she's surrounded by dudes, not her girls, and this read like another generic episode of another generic cop show.

I'm pissed I paused reading another book to jump on this one. James Patterson must think his readers are idiots, and because I'm one of the ones who keeps buying, hoping for a resurgence of the quality these characters deserve, he must be right.
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Vanessa Lockhart I agree, it is bad. Really bad. His plots are formulaic, but At least they made sense. This one is ridiculous and nonsensical. And unfinished.

message 2: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma Yes, exactly. There were good early entries, a larger grouping of books that were passable and occasionally ludicrous, and now this. I just don't even know what the narrative point of this book was, and then Joe's (view spoiler) shows up at the end like okay this has gone off the rails... I can enjoy me a lifetime movie, but that is not what I want when I pick up a book.

Vanessa Lockhart LOL for sure! This isn't even a passable beach or airplane read. His editors must just rubber stamp everything, or the missing piece like what the heist was supposed to be would have been added.

message 4: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma Exactly. And I feel like a chump for soldiering on. 4th of July was my favorite of all the books, so I just always think in the back of my head, what if a stellar book comes later, but that's a pipe dream at this point!

Natalie M So, so, so agree with all of you! Thought I was the only one who had these feelings...can’t let the ‘Club’ go even though they are a club of one. And what was the plot? As for the Epilogue I thought I was reading the preview of the next book.
Are the reviews on GR automated or are people not actually really taking in the fact there is no story?

message 6: by Emma (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma I've wondered that too, Natalie. I know tastes vary, but the first books pulled me in and now I've been disappointed so long I can't remember why I was so invested anymore. I would figure that if the magic ingredients that made people love the books when the series was just starting were missing that more people would be speaking up, but apparently not.

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