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Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg
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Mar 28, 2012

it was amazing
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Those who've read many of my reviews will note that this gets one of my infrequent 5 star ratings. I highly recommend this book...to all thoughtful readers. While there are those who will immediately feel that it's not for them I humbly suggest you at least try it. I don't think you'll be insulted or angered. I'll say a bit more below.

This book was actually extant when George Bush was still president so it probably isn't as current as it might be, sadly. I've been familiar with it for some time but have never moved it up the reading list for a serious and complete turn at my mind till now. The writer (as well as your reviewer) is not a total fan of President Bush, I say this lest the time period put some off. It's important to note however (I think) that no president in the last 50 years has been called a fascist as often as President Bush. I remember all the posters and posts of the President with a Hitler mustache on his lip or a swastika behind him...so the timing might be apropos.

I've heard the word "fascism" used and slung about for years (usually by those on the political left at those on the political right...though even the use of the words "left and right" here are usually incorrect). Most of the time the people using it really have no idea what it means. In this book the author takes a look at the historical record and shows some "inconvenient truths"...

The book is well researched. It uses and gives supported facts to lay out the history of fascism, what it is and how it has descended to us today. Lest someone is getting angry let me say, the last chapter in the book goes over specifically where in the modern conservative movement facets of fascism are found. Throughout the book we get a look at where and even how facts, I suppose I should say, "certain facts" have been "airbrushed" out of history.

The book is well constructed, intelligently written, thought out supported by documented facts and not hard to read or follow. It is written in a consistently civil tone throughout.

I know that many here who look at this are on the political left however I simply suggest that you consider this. Maybe if nothing else look at it as I did when I read Saul Alinsky. Even if you continue to disagree you might want to know what the other side of the political spectrum thinks.

5 stars, highly, highly recommended.
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Ruth E. R. Fascism is the absence of freedom. Can't wait to finish the book!

Mike (the Paladin) One form anyway.

Marisa I agreed, liked the book a lot but I really struggled to slug through it. It was one that I considered "homework" and I NEEDED to read even if not the most exciting, but it was worth it in the end. There were certainly some interesting points and changed my perspective on a few things.

Mike (the Paladin) LOL. homework. Okay. I wish more would simply consider it with an open mind.

Marisa Agreed!

Ruth E. R. Im not even through the intro yet! But, so far it's perfectly reasonable, such a breath of fresh (and TRUE) air -- the left wingers are the racists, and the right wingers value humans for what they are. If not for Hitler, USAmericans who presume the left wingers are the "nice" ones are so deceived. I'm looking forward to how he backs it all up in the chapters. I presume he'll discuss eugenics and Sanger's quest to extinguish African Americans. It makes perfect sense that increasing numbers of blacks and Hispanics and Jews are moving over to "conservatism" as the truth comes to light.

Mike (the Paladin) He goes into the history of what is usually called progressivism and it's roots leading to today's left. Of course there's much more to the book.

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