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Firewalker by Allyson James
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Mar 28, 2012

really liked it

Janet has only recently found out Mick's huge mystery that he is a dragon, or firewalker. She is dealing with it ok, even though its still shrouded in mystery. When an oddly mangled body is found near where Mick and Janet were out fooling around, they are both seen as possible suspects and also sought out for their help. Mick goes missing and after Nash helps her find him they discover that Mick was originally sent to assess and kill Janet and is being punished by the dragon council for not obeying orders. He is going to have a trial, but probably a rather unfair one. Janet of course has to interfere on behalf of her guy. Meanwhile they are still trying to figure out what the heck happened to the photographer who was staying at her hotel, the mangled body and the seemingly reanimated person still attacking people. When Maya and Janet decided to blow off some steam in Vegas they are followed and attacked by the undead guy still terrorizing everyone near her. Throughout all this Coyote makes no bones about the fact that he will kill Janet if he has to, if her power gets the best of her and if she is behind the reanimation of the man.
Understand Coyote saying she is a threat and he will take her out if he has to, but still kind of bummed at his lack of faith. Great cast of characters, Jamison (her childhood shape-shifter friend), Maya (the crazy chicana electrician), Colby (another dragon), Cassandra (her new help at the hotel), of course Nash (who is finally very slightly lightening up), and now also includes a magic mirror whose small pieces save her and Mick's asses.
Fun follow up, and a big twist ending that leads up the the next book.

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