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A Taste for a Mate by Carrie Ann Ryan
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Mar 27, 2012

really liked it

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This is the second in the Redwood Pack series. Carrie Ann Ryan is really coming into her own with this series. I finished the first book which was only about 50 pages and while really good it missed a lot of background (but it was still 4 stars). But this book is longer (about 130) and delves into the background of the family, werewolves and has a storyline beyond meeting a mate.

I could explain what happens but really the synopsis does pretty good already. However what it doesn’t say is that in this book we meet The Centrals, another wolf pack, who want to kill the Redwood pack and seem to want to use Willow to lure the family in. Willow is a strong woman who wants to be loved and have a family and she is willing to do anything to make that happen with Jasper. The interesting thing about Jasper is he is not the “perfect” guy... he messes up - boy can that boy mess things up! But the reader never doubt his love for Willow.

I enjoyed reading this book more than the first (see my review on “An Alpha’s Path”) not because the first wasn’t good - it really is good - but it is a short story and this one was so much more intense and had a paranormal suspense feel about it. There was no suspense in the first one. Now after reading this book I wish Ryan would go back and add more to her first book because I think it could be so much more. And I can not wait to read the third one “Trinity Bound” because “A Taste For A Mate” leaves you with a cliffhanger!
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