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The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer
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Aug 14, 2008

liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, summer-2008

** spoiler alert ** I didn't like this as much as other Artemis Fowl books I have read, but I liked the themes. I was ready for the series to end last book, or when Commander Root died.

One of the interesting themes I found was when the book showed Commander Root's real feelings about Holly. No, nothing shocking, he wasn't in love with her. But, he did think she did a great job and when he was hard on her it was because he felt he had to. I liked the exposition that the part of Root we normally saw was all an act. And, you can see the current Commander using the same techniques.

Another interesting theme is how you see your past selves. Artemis meets his 10-year-old self in the past. He knows what the 10-year-old Artemis will do, but is at the same time unhappy with who he was. I think he is at peace with who he was even though he did wreak some havoc in his past. Maybe, he just tries not to dwell on it.

Trust was another theme played around with. Artemis manipulated Holly Short to get her to agree to come into the past with him. Was it necessary for him to do that? Maybe for an immediate response. Holly is very mad when hew tells her, but forgives him at least a little by the end. Will true trust ever exist in their relationship. I thought it was a bit pathetic when Artemis and Holly kissed, it was not necessary for the plot. I hope they won't become lovers.

Overall, I was glad I read it. I wouldn't have minded if the last Artemis Fowl had been the last, or if this one is the last. The themes were interesting to read about.
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message 1: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Um i didnt think the kiss was pathitic at all i really dont care who artemis will end up with but the question i had what ever happened to minerva is that how you spell her name

Desi I thought the same thing! (You spelled it right by the way) I guess she couldn't really be in this book given the whole time-travel plot, but I do wonder if she'll be brought back in the next book...

I feel like he's sort of dragging them out, and I still really like the books and he keeps new twists coming but it still feels like its slowing down. The beginning ones were amazing, and i still really like the later ones, just not as much. It's not that I want the series to end, it just feels like somethings gone missing.

I do wonder what his mon's reaction will be when she finds out what he's been up to...that's going to be interesting. (I don't think even a boy genius can worm his way out of that one)

I found the time travel theme interesting and I liked ruthless little Artemis. I do, however, kind of wish it would have included little Arty's reaction when he realized he had stuffed himself in a car trunk (*laugh*)

I read recently that in the newest book Artemis will come down with some sort of disease (I think it's a fairy disease) that will make him come down with something like multiple-personality disorder. Basically, he's going to turn into a hoplessly nice (and hopefully very entertaining) and somewhat romantic(sounds funny but makes me somewhat nervous) Artemis. Anyway I'm looking foreward to the new book with fingers crossed to the new book hoping it will blow me out of the water.

Shaya The sound of the new book frightens me a little. He's been moving so much in the nice direction already. I was quite enjoying the conflict he had between being nice and his self-centered nature.

It will be interesting to learn his mom's reaction. Wonder if that will be the last book.

I always appreciate when authors end series when you still want more. I think Colfer has passed that point for me, unfortunately.

Crossing fingers the next one is great, though!

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