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Small Favor by Jim Butcher
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Aug 14, 2008

it was ok

I was quite let down with this latest installment of the Dreden Files. The story is not very tightly knit into the rest of the series and I'm pretty sure that Butcher contradicts himself in his explaination of how the The Archive system works. The bad guys for this installment seem a little on the fragile side compared to what I expected given their role in prior books. But, more than that, the ending had more than few frustrating elements in it for me. Some of it was ridiculously predictable and some of it was just annoying.
This book also ruined the character Luccio for me because of the way her personality was handled and changed for no apparent reason at all (well, there is a reason, but it is a bit of a spoiler and it's not a good reason to change a character in my opinion).
The book did have some redeeming qualities. I really liked that they gave some page time to Molly Carpenter and Thomas. There was very, very little of my very favorite guy, Marcone, though. So I might be feeling a little mobster-deprived.
Well, for all the sucking that this book did, I'm willing to keep going with the series because it's entirely possible that this book was a 'plot mover' book in that there were things that Butcher needed to happen that simply weren't going to make for good reading, but that were necessary for the story. So I hope that this book is just the Dresden Files equivalent of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which made lots of fans very angry, but had events in it that needed to be there.

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