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The Mane Squeeze by Shelly Laurenston
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Mar 27, 2012

it was amazing
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I am DEFINATLY reading these books out of order :)
After reading book 7 and 5 - I wanted to read about Gwen's story :) LOVE her and Blayne together :) They're just so cute - reminds me of when I was in High school, all the jumping and screaming - well without all the violence and claws and all that :) But the "know you're my best friend so whatever happens, happens" type attitude.

This book starts off with Lock, the awesome Grizzly, is at his good friend Jess's wedding (still haven't read her story, but that's coming up soon :)
When a couple of drunken She-wolves start in, he knew it wasn't going to be pretty, but just as he was about to step in, He saw a gorgeous Feline step in. But it didn’t' take long for that loud mouth, and violent thoughts to kick in. She he jumped in and helped out. When that feline told him he had better go, her half brother's, half brother touched him on his back, startling the Grizzle in him and Lock threw him into the forest. oops :)

Next we are at Memorial Day Weekend, and Gwen and Blayne are vacationing with friends in the mountains. When Gwen saw Blayne getting slapped around by a pack of wolves, for no other reason than her hybrid breeding, Gwen couldn't help but jump in.
But she wasn't expecting more wolves to follow. Running as fast as they could, Gwen caught the scent of a Grizzly. She ran straight for that Grizzly and bit him in the rump while he was sleeping. He woke up roaring and swinging. which helped get rid of most of the wolves. Only more wolves were coming, they were backing them into a cliff. When Gwen lost her footing, she felt the big strong hand pull her up, and she looked into the eyes of the same man from their friend's wedding.

Just before the ground gave away and the fell down to the raging waters of the river. But Lock grabbed a hold of the little Feline and shifted to Grizzly form in order to protect her. Something he had never felt like doing before. humm

Later, Blayne asked Gwen to move to New York with her to help her run her father's plumbing business. He wanted to retire and give his daughter the business. Gwen wasn't sure she would be able to leave her family.. she thought it over.. it was never HER Pride she lived in. Sure they loved her and they protected her, but she never felt it was HER Pride.. so she agreed to move...

6 weeks later - Gwen goes out on a job. a big ol' Grizzly man down in the basement with her. Those Grizzlies have a natural curiosity that just doesn't quit.
When Lock opened the door to his father's house, he heard the words "no no no don't" just before a girlish squeal - which he knew didn't belong to his father. As he raced down to the basement, he saw his childhood toy floating by. When he looked over at his father, he saw the guilty expression on his face. His dad had a bad habit of needing to see how things were done. That curiosity was going to ruin him.

But as Lock looked over at the Plumber, he recognized her right away.

His parent's asked Gwen to stay for dinner, she excepted, and had a great meal. As Lock walked her to the car, he asked her out. Knowing she couldn't get into a relationship, she poiltely told him "no"

But once a Grizzly has his mind set on something, he's not going to let it go.. he kissed her. and wow! What a kiss that was!! Then he turned around and walked into the house.

Lots of fun stuff in this book - I forgot to mention that Gwen got hurt during the wolf attack, she has a very serious phobia of hospitals. You'll die laughing when you find out why :)

There was a lot of Blayne in this book. She's funny as ever. And the ending sets up the next book (which I've already read and LOVED) really well :)

Going to read book #6 next - that's Dee Ann's story :) Since she was brought into the series from this book as Lock's old Marine Buddy (who use to work in the Unit with him) - and good ol' Ric who couldn't form a single sentence when he first met her :) I'm anxious to read their story next :)

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