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On Basilisk Station by David Weber
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Mar 27, 2012

it was ok

The 17th book just came out so I decided to give this series a shot, if there are 17 books it must be a good series. With reading mostly good reviews I started listening to the book as an audiobook with high expectations, I was quite disappointed. I listened to the first book and halfway through the second and quit.

Simply the writing was boring. I can't stand books that take whole paragraphs to talk about ones feelings, (the first mates jealousy of not being named captain, Honor's thoughts about how she looks, the crew being sad at doing poorly at the war games and then blaming the captain, and then being angry at themselves for blaming the captain...), it gets tiresome. Good writers can show character development through actions and deeds rather then long winded introspections on how they feel.

I don't particularly mind the high tech explanations, but it could have been done better, especially for the ending fight when a whole explanation of gravity waves was added right in the middle of the action. An example of the way it should have been done is Vatta's War by Elizabeth Moon which was even more high tech but still entertaining.

There were some good points that made me decided two stairs instead of one. The main character is likeable. The setting for the space opera is well done. The story is not that bad, hell if done by a good writer this would easily be a 4 or 5.

I don't understand the large amount 5 out of 5 other reviewers gave to this book, 2 was high enough for me.

Note that if this review is ignored and you decide to view this series, it would be best if you read it instead of listening to it. The Narrator: Allyson Johnson, is not that bad, its just not a good fit, Honor is explained to have a low soprano voice and the narrator is very high and girly.
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Julian I totally agree. I am perplexed at the 4-5 star reviews. Maybe they haven't read any the vast array of fantastic military SF that actually does deserve 5 stars. I am seriously considering 1 star review...

DavidO I think most of the 5 star reviews are nostalgia, since the book is so old.

Andrew Obrigewitsch How can this book be ranked so high? And how could there be 17 books about it? It's really sub par. The fans of the series must not know that there are hundreds of much better Sci-Fi books out there.

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