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Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
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Mar 27, 2012

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Recommended for: PNR fans

*Sigh* It's been a long road to get to this novel. Not only for me as a reader, Nor Tohrment as a character, but for JR as a author. She has her flaws like everyone else, but I truly think JR, closed the door on the original BDB members with style and finesse. And in typical JR fashion. Naturally, there will be lovers and haters *Shrugs* but that's part and parcel of being an Author, Reader, Character. You can't please 'em all.

No'One. I'm sorry, but I refuse to call her Autumn. I don't know why, but No'One just fits more comfortably with me. I had an issue with Tohrment changing her Name, Clothing etc. I'm usually, not one to pussy foot around, but I feel it could have been broached a little better. I dunno, it just seemed a little forced. Maybe make the suggestion, then let her think it through? Maybe HER favorite season is Summer? Mayhap Winter? Or Spring? it just seemed as if Tohrment was creating her from the ground up. Kind of Father rather than Lover.

I loved that she didn't pull the poor me, routine. I was furious at Tohrment and No'One for snapping at each other in two HUGE rows. I understand WHY and agree, BOTH needed to air their dirty laundry, so to speak, to get to where they are. But man *Shakes Head* that's some heavy duty stuff. Her reconnecting with Xhex was a stroke of magic. It showed how alike they are. Both have been through such similar experiences, right down to the abuse! yet they both came out stronger and better for it.

I expected Tohrment to fight the whole way tooth and nail. The Male went above and beyond that IMO. He was a god damn menace. Honestly, I did not like the Male he had become. It wasn't as harsh as I expected *Cough* Z *Cough*, but harsh all the same. True to PNR, predictability, Tohrment went through EVERYTHING I expected him too. However, I didn't get emotional as expected, until the VERY end, when the Brothers dropped by. I absolutely bawled when they branded him and JM, Also think the Fade Ceremony is something beautiful.

Boy, Oh, Boy. JM and Xhex drove me mad! I whole heartily agree with Xhex. JM over reacted, and the Brotherhood were WRONG to let JM speak for her. All agreed, though probably weren't comfortable with, Xhex fighting. They should have treated her as such. A fighter, like themselves. I am interested to know if Payne has the same issue. Or is it . . Out Of Sight? Out Of Mind? I was stoked Xhex called JM and the Brotherhood out on their prejudicial bull. I knew it would suck, but glad she stuck to her ideals, and as I knew, everything ended A OK *Grins* I suspected Xhex may have conceived had she allowed JM to see her through the Needings, so I was a little disappointed when she declined second time :( I just think it would be interesting to see what a Vampire/Halfbreed young would entail.

*Wipes Brow* Did Layla own this novel or WHAT!!! I would say she dominated Tohr/No'One but nah, those two held their own IMO. I hate Xcor. On principal, I hate Xcor for allowing Zypher to pull that trigger. Part of me, wants the bugger ten feet under. But the other part, the inner sap in me, demands he gets his HEA with Layla. Ten to One he does. Throe is just too damn pretty. Prejudicial I know, but I want a beauty and the beast HEA.

Now this business with Qhuinn. I swear, I was screaming NO! It was all kinds of awful. It should have been Qhuinn and Blaylock, It should have been Layla and Xcor! most of all, it should have been with love. But NO! I despise all the hearts and flowers stuff, but this one left me cold. I see this as an opportunity for JR, to maybe buck the trend and show a diverse parenting arrangement should Layla indeed be pregnant. If Layla hooks up with Xcor, the Brotherhood has gained allies. Blaylock/Qhuinn have the opportunity to dispel the myths about Gay parenting. One thing is for certain. If Layla EVER uses the child against Qhuinn. I will scream bloody murder. It's going to be interesting to be sure.

I swear Qhuinn is going to make me selfcombust one of these days. I'm over him, Over the dragged out angst, Over the YA-Ish whining, he annoys me. Then he goes and does something that melts your heart. It's enough to give a chick whiplash! I was aware of Wrath, but when it was Qhuinn who appeared behind Xcor, then dropped like a sack of potato's at the end, I'm quite certain I screamed. Logically, I knew he'd be fine, but I couldn't help but mutter under my breath “Please be OK. Please be OK.” *Rolls Eyes* ridiculous I know. I couldn't help but agree with Blaylock. “Stupid! F- Heroic! Idiot!” His blurting “I Love You” to Blaylock and having it stolen by JM, had me glaring at JM. His tearing up in the medical center in front of Blaylock, had me hollering “TELL HIM!” I think the scene at the end is Blaylock saying goodbye, for good, to Saxton. So I have hope that the Qhuay Saga may FINALLY be over in the next Novella Or Book. Personally, I think it's book. PS: Qhuinn can move light fixtures? *Raises Eyebrows*

*Deep Breath* Wrath was another that had me tearing up besides Qhuay. I dunno, why I care so much, but there's something about seeing a guy like Wrath, go down like a Oak Tree that's just WRONG. On so many levels. Beth is a legend as usual. Assail didn't interest me like I thought he would. Mayhap next time. Anyone else go “Aww” at the little ditty with Butch/Marissa? *Sigh* I don't know about anyone else, Nor if there's anymore that can be done. The romance has become so Vanilla, don't forget the Peaches, That I may start skipping on re-reads. No BFD, just thought I'd mention it.

Over all, a fitting end for the last of the Original Brothers. Looking forward to seeing who's next. I'm hoping it's Qhuay (Full Novel) odds are, possibly L.A.S.S.I..T.E.R? OR mayhap Xcor?
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