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In the Unlikely Event by L.J. Shen
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”Life is too short not to kiss the one you want.”

Such a good book. There was so much to the story and it was not predictable, slow or boring at any point. I really liked the way it was written. It was dual POV, but intermixed with the two main characters were these notes where you would get insights about the relationship between Mal and Rory or even some laughs. The notes were from supporting characters, a cow and even inanimate objects, like the napkin that Mal and Rory used as a contract that said if they ever meet again in the future, they would be together.

There was a bit of serendipity at work when they first met. They came together when Aurora (Rory) went to Ireland to see if she could find out more about the father she never knew after hearing that he died. She was only there for one night and both Rory and Malachy fell for each other hard. But they were both young and selfish and it just wasn’t their time. Mal wanted Rory to give up college and move to Ireland to be with him, while Aurora couldn’t give up her whole life and future plans for a guy that wouldn’t give up anything for her.

”Understand, Rory, next time I see you, I’ll have you. I won’t care if you have a boyfriend, or a husband, or a harem of men vying for your love. If you have children, I’ll raise them as mine.”

They both suffered quite a bit and missed each other terribly. Eight years later, they meet at a social event and things have changed quite a bit. Aurora has a great boyfriend, a job she loves, a terrific roommate. The entire situation with Malachy is fraught with many obstacles and complications. The story is beautiful and tragic, but also hilarious at times and you can’t help but have strong feelings for some of the characters. I loved Mal, he was sweet and funny and not afraid to show his emotions. He is also smart confident and cocky at times.

There were several great supporting characters as well. Including a drug addicted rock star, a sister Rory meets on her trip to find out about her Dad, some conniving mothers, Rory’s best friend Summer and her rich shiny boyfriend Callum. I really loved this book. I have seen a few poor reviews and though I don’t understand why, to each his own. We all have the right to our own opinions when it comes to books we read.

There are times when you are just not feeling a book, because of your mood or whatever, when a book just isn’t working for you, even though if you had read it at another time, you probably would like it. Also, it seems to me that some of the low reviews were due to a few things in the book that are spoilers so I won’t mention what they are, but to say the things a few of the reviewers are mentioning are such grey areas in this book. By that I mean you could take it like those things happened, but also in ways they kind of didn’t or if they did it isn’t really a black and white situation based on things you learn later.

I know a lot of people like reading about relationships where everything is pure and the love is true and deep and nothing really goes wrong, but real life isn’t that way. This book has the characters going through tough times and not always being nice to each other or to everyone else. And bad things do happen. It is part of what makes the book unpredictable and real. Mal and Rory don’t just make a promise on a napkin and meet years later and all the sudden they can live happily ever after. Life is messy sometimes.

“Life’s morbid. Spoiler alert—we all die at the end.” Malachy shrugs.

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3.0% "If only I could see his eyes. Then I’d be able to put this to rest, to know for sure. No one else has those eyes. A rare shade of violet, like crushed crystal candy.
“Lack of melanin mixed with light reflecting off red blood vessels,” Mal explained the night he took my innocence, heart, and panties all in the same breath."
December 1, 2019 –
15.0% "“No. This is not a fecking kiss, and this is certainly not our first kiss.”

Before I know what’s happening, he pulls me at the waist and slams my back against his car. I arch and moan when his hands find my cheeks, my neck, my hair; they’re everywhere. He’s an octopus."
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20.0% "I stare at him like he just fell from the sky. What is he smoking and how do we make sure it never falls into the hands of our youth?"
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30.0% "He is a bit taller than me and definitely has that Brad Pitt circa 1990, this-is-your-life-and-it’s-ending-one-minute-at-a-time look down to a T.
Unlike Tyler Durden, though, I can search with a magnifying glass and still won’t be able to find one alpha bone in his body. There are likely more pheromones in a tutu."
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45.0% "This book is hilarious. I have been LMAO every few minutes.

“What makes you think it’s a horse?” she asks conversationally.
“It’s completely brown. Cows can only be black or white or both.”
“Hmm…” She sounds like she’s considering the merits of his argument.
“What else?”
“I saw it running from the barn when I walked by. Cows don’t run. They’re fat and lazy.”"
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Diana Wonderful review, sweets!xx

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Lex Kent Really great review! Glad you enjoyed it so much:)

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Kat Valentine Fabulous review Wendy!!💋😉💝👍

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message 7: by Jade (new) - added it

Jade Violet Fabulous review. Love how you comment that there are gray areas and love is not always simple nor easy.

Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ilikebooksbest.com ❤️ Thank you Jade! I appreciate your taking the time to comment so often! 🥰

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