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The Werewolf's Wife by Michele Hauf
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Mar 26, 2012

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Read from March 23 to 24, 2012

Original Post Fangs,Wand & Fairy March 26, 2012

Michelle's KISS ME DEADLY was one of the first books I downloaded on Kindle. While I liked the story I found the writing rushed and tilted towards the expository. THE WEREWOLF'S WIFE is unevenly pitched towards telling instead of showing and again feels rushed. I think Michelle is talented so it may be a limitation from the publisher that makes it necessary to use information dumping as a device.

Suspension of Disbelief:
Recently I pointed out that having something completely unbelievable outside the scope of the world building makes a suspension of disbelief harder. In THE WEREWOLF'S WIFE I found this in the romantic situation. I enjoy the concept of two paranormal lovers meeting up again in a crisis situation and the pacing is excellent, but the idea that a mother would be thinking of sex, much less having it, while trying to get her son back from kidnappers is just plain ridiculous.

If your kid was kidnapped or in such danger would you eat, sit casually in a restaurant and flirt, or sleep without the help of a doctor? I don't care if your a witch, a wolf or just a human when your kid is in danger that is what you think about; I just can't see having sex to take your mind off the problem. It's the distraction that made it impossible for me to fully engage. I kept thinking, "She's eating and having orgasms while her kid is n this kind of danger?" No Way!

Ick Potential!
One thing that bugs me in the book is that the alpha wolf character has to have sex shifted or partially shifted to bond. This had been disastrous for the character in the past. At one point he has paws and a tail and is about to get it on with another character, a human. I LOVE animals but I don't make love with animals. Fortunately, Michelle informed me just now (3/26 evening EST) that he is a man with a wolf head and other features like talons and a tail. Whew!
I found the story hard to follow because of not having read the novels in between KISS ME DEADLY. I think I read something short about a wedding between a werewolf and a vampire (referred to in this story) and I know I enjoyed Monsters Don't Do Christmas in A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS. But too much was missing to really suss the author's entire constructed world of paranormals.

Other times, I found Hauf's voice off from normal written speech patterns; almost as if English is a second language for her. It may be a Minnesota dialect issue—it is pretty minor but enough that I noticed it.

The Upshot:
If you are a reader of this series then yo will probably enjoy this. And if you like to read about two lovers rediscovering each other it's probably right up your alley.

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