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The Magicians' Guild by Trudi Canavan
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This is in no way a romance (there is a TINY romance thread). So why am I even mentioning romance?

Well. The mechanics of many romances are to bring two people together and have them misunderstand and mistrust each other despite it being obvious to the reader that they belong together.

The heart of this story centres on our main character, Sonea, a young magically gifted girl from the lower orders, and Rothen, an old magician from the aristocracy. We know from the early pages that Rothen intends only good things for Sonea and that Sonea's mistrust of him and the majority of magicians is misplaced. What follows is an extended dance of misunderstandings and roadblocks.

The consummation we ache for is not the first kiss of two will-be lovers but simply the acceptance of the obvious by our frustratingly mistrustful heroine. I spent most of the book muttering "just fucking tell him".

That aside, the book is well written but for me felt rather generic and generally lacking in excitement. It's a fairly gentle book that lacks threat and (for much of it) tension. The threat/tension arises from the potential for Sonea to continue making the wrong decisions all the way to the end of the book - but I never felt for a moment that all would not resolve itself at the end.

The "bad guy", again feels a bit generic, and his evil goals aren't actually that damaging to anyone - they basically give Sonea what she wants and prevent a small fracture being inflicted on an unfair social system.

A large chunk of the book is spent with the Thieves in the slums, and in the end this part feels like it doesn't really go anywhere. The Thieves have a seemingly vast network of unground tunnels and chambers that stretched my credulity as it seems an engineering feat far in excess of the slums above and no historical source is given for them. The investment in (secretly) building this network seems to beggar what could be extorted/stolen from the poor folk above.

Anyway. I've been fairly negative in this review. Basically it just wasn't a book for me. That's certainly not to say it's a bad book, and for many it might make a refreshing change from the violent, high stakes yarns that are often encountered these days.

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12.85% "I've bounced off this book before but an internet outage when it was the only book to hand has forced me on to a more interesting bit so hopefully the story will now carry me to the end.

That said, it does feel a bit "by the numbers" so far. Though by no means badly written."
November 6, 2019 –
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81.58% ""Rothen led them back over the snow they had trampled on their approach"

a paragraph later:

"In the lull in the conversation, the chirping of insects in the forest seemed louder."

Damn, these are hardy insects!"
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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura You're completely right. But then ... there's book three. Haha. Destroyed my reader's soul and broke my reader's heart forever.

Dion Cassidy Such a good trilogy and while magic is the focus, romance is not completely forgotten.

message 3: by Bender (new)

Bender This is a good YA or for a beginner to get introduced to fantasy. If you are an experienced reader or someone who wants GoT clones, probably not.

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