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Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland
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Mar 26, 2012

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'Girlfriend in a Coma' is a very interesting book about life, morality and making the most of the world we live in.

The novel starts with a group of teenage friends doing what teenagers do - partying hard and experimenting with their limits. And then one day Karen falls into a coma and remains there for 17 years. Her awakening sparks a series of events which leave the group, and the reader, questioning their lives and achievements and faced with a choice as to how they can make them better.

This novel was given to me by a friend and isn't something I would normally have picked up to read. It took me a really long time to get going with this, finding the narrative quite sluggish and slow. There are, however, numerous twists to the plot, and after the first twist, I was engrossed and interested to see how the story and characters evolved. However, I do think that more needed to be done to increase the pace and also to improve character development, as despite this novel taking place over many years, I dont feel I really know anything about the motivations and feelings of the characters. This would have massively implroved this novel, as it was the curious plot which kept me interested, not the fate of the characters themselves.

The underlying message in this novel is very interesting, and has got me questioning the meaning of my own life and whether I am really making the most of the world in which I live. I think this book is a very clever way of getting the reader to think about some of these fundemental questions which are overlooked day-to-day. Overall, despite the slow start, I really enjoyed this novel, and am pleased it was passed my way. I'm not sure that there is really a classification which would suit this novel, and so dont really know what yo look out for in the future, and so all I can really say is I will expand my reading horizons and hope that I come across something else like this in the future.

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