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The Necromancer's Prison by Alec Whitesell
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** spoiler alert ** This book isn't what I normally gravitate towards, but I have to say when the author contacted me the synopsis sounded so cool I had to give it a go. We follow our main girl Emily on the day of her college entrance exam, and quite honestly it takes off quickly from there. Which I really appreciated. Emily is brave and fierce and passionate, all things that gives for a combination to root for in a protagonist. We are straight away swept into a world of magic wielding bad guys, and portals to other planets. I have to say when Emily (and her tag along friend Mason) slip through the first portal it was giving me such "Nightmare before Christmas" vibes...because of the doors. I loved that.

Things I felt were done well in this book was pacing. I never felt like the book was dragging, there was always some kind of predicament or action going on that was enough to keep me reading. I really enjoyed Quinn's character, she is the reason Emily dives head first into the chaos, she was really resourceful, and practical minded which was really nice to see in a YA book. It's no secret that I don't often enjoy female characters who are annoying helpless and useless, but Quinn, even when in the most difficult and tight spots was still practical and focus on her goals; something I really appreciated. She was willing to do what it took to get her way and I have to admit when she impaled her foot trying to bust open the bars of her cell I was was great.

The reason my rating isn't higher is that the writing style wasn't suited to me all that well. Whilst I can appreciate it, I personally felt drawn away from the story on multiple occasions. I was definitely drawn out every time an American football reference was made, because damn I do not know anything about that sport lol. I also felt that whilst some of my small niggle type questions were eventually answered, I felt it perhaps would have been better covering them earlier, so that for a large portion of the novel I wasn't thinking "but how can that be, and what about that?". For example - on the Alien planet a local uses the phrase 'did you swallow a thesaurus' or something close to that effect, and all I could think about was the heck do they know about do they speak English? These questions were answered for the most part but it took a while and with that wait the feeling irked.

I also wasn't a fan that within the palace the staff seemed to all of a sudden realise that Emily, Mason, and Quinn were not from that planet and started to explain the ins and outs of the planets political setup etc. Given that there are 'human looking' beings on the planet surely they would have just assumed they were from there all along. I know that there needs to be info given when world building, but it kind of felt info dumpy. I wasn't a fan of the relationship that was developing between Emily and Mason, it didn't feel natural to me and I could have done without it. At the start of the book she was all "What the hell are you doing?" hitting him, and it felt all immature and really uninformed for the average teenager when dealing with boys these days (maybe it's just me who feels that way but that scene felt rather caricature). Then in the palace there was a moment when she was like 'definitely not jealous' but I honestly didn't understand that because I did not feel the relationship had gone anywhere to justify jealousy. There wasn't a whole lot of one on one for them up until that point, and I just didn't see the connection.

That being said, this book is fast paced, action packed, and well put together. It was definitely a fun and intriguing start to a new series in the space opera genre.
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