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Gypsy King by Devney Perry
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Devney Perry does it again! She took what should be a simple romance and shook it up, tumbled it out into a jumble of emotions that had me wavering between every feeling I’ve ever experienced, and then pulled it all back into a perfect place of peace and joy and pure ecstasy.

Bryce just wants to write that one amazing story that will put her name out there as having been more than a simple news woman. Her ticket to success lies in uncovering the true reason why the Tin Gypsies Motorcycle Club disbanded. But when she stumbles across a tip that could lead to a juicy bit of headline, she doesn’t hesitate to charge forward. Perhaps in doing so she’ll eventually learn the truth about the infamous club.


Dash fell for Bryce the minute he saw her at his garage. Immediately he puts on the flirt and she seems to respond. And then it really hits the fan. Suddenly, he’s got his hands full and no real progress to help him out. Bryce keeps upping him and he wants nothing more than to beat her at her own game. If only he didn’t keep thinking about everything else he wants to do with her along the way.

I absolutely loved how Bryce was quick to turn the tables on Dash each time he thought he had one up on her.

’Everything about her pissed me off because of my body’s reaction.

Damn this woman. I liked her. That was my real problem. I liked her. Which was going to make threatening her a hell of a lot harder. That, and she didn’t seem to be intimidated by me one bit.’

She was quick and sharp, witty and fun, soft and understanding. I loved everything about her. Even as her determination forced her in one direction, she wasn’t obstinate enough to not see the truth, even if there was no true evidence to support it. While I love a tough heroine, I need her to yield to the softer things in life. And Bryce knew just when to do so.

’Bryce was not easy by any stretch. She was tough. She made me laugh with her wit and sass. She challenged me. And when she wasn’t pissing me off, she was turning me on.’


Dash is that hero that you’ll absolutely love even when you want to smack him upside the head at times because immediately following that smack, you’ll want to give him a big ol’ hug. He’s a convoluted character that will have your emotions riding a roller-coaster. His frustration with Bryce had me laughing out loud but when things take a turn in his life, I had to fight back the tears. Never have I read a hero that was able to wring so many emotions from me.


Together, Bryce and Dash are like lighting a fire to gasoline. Even as they bicker and argue they are only a breath away from ignition.

’My threat to her livelihood hadn’t done a goddamn thing except turn us both on. Was she ever going to back down?’

Their banter was fun and their battles delicious because I knew that behind it all was a chemistry that was sure to light the pages on fire once they let loose. And holy heck did it!!! They don’t have an easy road to travel and there were times that this story was intense, and heavy and I couldn’t stop reading even as I felt the need to just take a breath because it was breaking my heart. This author never does things the way you expect, and such is the case with Bryce and Dash.

What a perfect beginning for this new series! I laughed, I raged, I cried, and then I settled into the perfect epilogue with a smile.

Dual POV
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message 1: by SAM (new) - added it

SAM Is it too angsty?

Carvanz No. Just enough to keep the story going to make you realize you really care about the characters.

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