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Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson
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Mar 25, 2012

really liked it

This year, Scarlett must deal with her irritating feelings for her sort-of ex-boyfriend Eric, who happened to be sort-of dating her while dating someone else and not telling her. Her brother, Spencer, has landed a role as the most-hated criminal on a New York crime show. Her little sister Marlene is up to no good, as usual, and eldest sister Lola is just being downright strange. To add to things, Mrs. Anderson, her boss, now has her dealing with a new client, Chelsea, the shining star of the new and terrible Broadway show The Flower Girl. To make matters worse, school, one of the few things that she enjoys, is now ruined by her new lab partner, Max, Chelsea's bad-boy brother who is fully determined to give her hell.

There's something I like about certain books and shows that have pairings that are not at all or what people had in mind when they thought of as the do-all-end-all-must-be-together-at-the-end in the beginning. The same thing applies here. Johnson introduces Max, who happens to be a deeply layered character, unlike that Eric-I-am-a-wannabe-actor-from-the-South-who-is-cheating-on-his-girlfriend-with-you-without-telling-you annoyance we had to deal with in the last one. And it's pretty obvious that Scarlett will have to pick between them in the next book, so here's to hoping *crosses fingers* that she picks Max, because Scarlett's already started to realize that she has very childish feelings for Eric and that she and Max have something more.

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