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Mercy by Jodi Picoult
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Mar 25, 2012

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About a third of the way through the novel, I realised that I had read it several years ago, but couldn't remember how it ended. Now I realise why I had put the ending out of my mind. It was forgettable. What happened with Jamie was predicatable. It was obvious it was going to go that way from the start. What happened with Cam and Allie in the end was so annoying I wanted to scream. Which was why I had previously wiped the ending out of my mind.
The only characters I actually liked and could identify with in this book were Jamie's friends and neighbours, and Cam's mother Ellen. No strike that. She kept quiet about something she saw. Not good.
Jamie, he didn't love too much, he was obsessed and that was a little creepy. That kind of love is unnatural. Maggie, nobody is as perfect as she was made out to be before she got cancer, and then I find her pretty selfish to ask her husband to do what he did. (I'm trying very hard not to give away too much!) Mia, she came across as freaky. Who takes a cat away for a romantic weekend? Honestly, I could not see what attracted Cam besides her curls and bright-blue eyes. She had nothing else going for her, she couldn't even cook! Cam, what a self-centred waste of oxygen! Filled with his own importance. A cheater and a liar! I don't care how lovely his hair was or how tall he was, he was a poor excuse for a husband. I disliked him intenselty and am furious that Allie...Yeah you'll have to read to find out. Allie, seriously pathetic, goodie-goodie type. This flower is for grief, and this flower for companionship - yawn. Nobody seriously believes it and it didn't help her one bit. Naive, blind, so busy trying to help Jamie she doesn't notice the problems in her own household. She needs a wake-up, shake-up, and her devotion to her hubby is just pathetic. How could she lose herself just to please him?
Oh well, while not my favourite of her books, as you can see it did still keep me kind of gripped, waiting to see if the ending would have a twist or two. No twists sadly.
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