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The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by Bobby Henderson
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Mar 25, 2012

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Repent! Repent, I say unto ye, while yet there is time! Repent, O Goodreads Administrators, of thy iniquity and hypocrisy! For did ye not say, that all Holy Books shall be deemed anonymous of authorship? Did ye not say, that the Playing Field should be level?

And what, now, do we see, to our everlasting shame? The Bible and the Torah have ye marked as Anonymous. Yea, also the Quran have ye treated in this wise. But the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster have ye marked as the work of His mortal prophet Bobby Henderson.

Repent, I say again, and cast thyselves on His infinite noodly mercy! Fill me not with righteous wrath! Ye would not like me when I am filled with righteous wrath.

Okay, say not that I failed to warn ye...

[Diverse sound effects including insensate Hulk-like roar, money-changers being cast from temple, boiling pasta, etc etc]
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message 1: by Tuck (new)

Tuck beer volcano?!

message 2: by Manny (new) - added it

Manny Tuck wrote: "beer volcano?!"

The Spaghetti Monster's Heaven features strippers and a beer volcano. Take that, Islam!

message 3: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Is it funny, though? On the FSM forums they did an informal poll of how many were true believers versus those who just did it as a joke. The true believers were a large minority, as I remember. I personally think string theory is really noodly appendage theory, and the universe does feature a great deal of noodliness at all scales. Could that be simple coincidence? Possibly.

On the other hand, if His Noodliness was only a bit more beetlelike, I could buy into it better, as we know from zoology that one of the primary qualities of the Maker of Everything is "an inordinate fondness for beetles."

message 4: by Manny (new) - added it

Manny One of the core tenets of FSM dogma is that it's funny. This is nearly as important as the strippers and the beer volcano. I am not sure whether His Noodliness can manifest Himself as a beetle, but next time I see a pirate I will ask.

message 5: by Traveller (new)

Traveller So Herbie is one of the FSM prophets? Would make sense, you know, him being such a precocious beetle and all.

I was wondering about His Noodliness' potential antyness as well.

...but I am sure that he is so powerful that he could manifest as absolutely anything he wanted to, even a grain of sand.

Alexandra Hehe my bible :D

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