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Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein
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Mar 24, 2012

Read in February, 2012

From: http://www.puttingpentopage.com

Rating: 3* (slightly spoilery)

Meet Amy, the slightly awkward "yes man" in a trio of high school seniors. Lila has set Cassie and Amy up with blind dates for their high school prom and it quickly goes to hell in a hand basket. The trio gets stood up, finds a monster bag of pot and manages to gets pulled over. The girls get arrested and so begins the real story. Y'all. Amy is one HOT. MESS. And so is her family, though she is the only child. I seriously wanted to punch her mom in the face over her handling of Amy's arrest, at least the emotional part of it--having Amy pay for her own lawyer was actually pretty brilliant but I digress. Her dad is kind of a sad character in that you can tell he loves his daughter and tries to make up for her mother's lack of connection but he still puts his job first. I didn't feel like Lila or Cassie were particularly sympathetic characters which was fine. You're not supposed to like them, this is Amy's story, Amy's journey. And y'all, it's one every mother of a girl should read. It's a story high school teacher's should read, and one teenagers should read. As a 35 year old it's easy to look back and see aspects of Amy in myself--the desire to belong, to fit in, to have people who GOT me. And if I couldn't find that, I could at least have people who kept me from being isolated. THIS is Amy's story, and the story of the teenager many of used to be, the one yearning for connection. It's what we do, and who we choose to connect with that shapes us (and Amy) during the high school years. I think that's what Amy (and hopefully the rest of us) learns in the end. That it is about our choices and the consequences that result. This is not a light, or particularly "fun" read, however there is enough quick wit, and sarcasm to keep the book from being too heavy, mostly provided by a wickedly awesome bird. Yup. You read that right.

*I gave this story a 3 because per my rankings it's one I liked but would probably not read it again. I WILL however recommend it to any teachers, parents, teenagers I know in hopes that they remember or recognize a part of Amy in themselves in order to better relate to each other. Pretty Amy releases on May 15.
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