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How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
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it was amazing
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September 30, 2019 – Shelved
December 13, 2019 – Started Reading
December 13, 2019 –
8.0% "Ch 1: Definitions. A radical interpretation of standard terms used in racial discourse, boiling "everything" down to two concepts: all that is racist — and it's true antonym — all that is anti-racist. Plus some autobiographical notes entwined with the history of radical black evangelist movements of the 1970s.

So far, I am on board."
December 14, 2019 –
13.0% "Ch 2: Transitioning from a dualistic analysis to a three-sided framework: segregationist vs integrationist vs anti racist. The idea of black liberation theology and black self reliance (middle class blacks becoming “black” saviours) playing into the hands of racist policy like Reagan’s drug war."
December 14, 2019 –
17.0% "Ch 3: race-making and the construction of race as a power structure. Some history of the beginnings of the Atlantic slave trade. IXK becomes racially conscious as a 7 year old touring a private school."
December 14, 2019 –
22.0% "Ch 4: Defining race and ethnicity."
December 14, 2019 –
27.0% "Ch 5: Ethnic racism. How ethnicities within a race category use racist ideas to keep one another down, playing into the hands of the racist powers."
December 14, 2019 –
32.0% "Ch 6: Covering crime bills, Superpredators; growing up in the 90s near economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods and the crime they bred; noting that everyone was black (paraphrasing “Its the economy stupid!”); noting that black writers of a period always write about the dangers, and not about the good times."
December 14, 2019 –
37.0% "Ch 7: Cultural racism. Ebonics, basketball, rap. Moving to Virginia and working through the differences between different kinds of black culture. Don’t look down! See different cultures and recognize them as different. Nothing more, nothing less."
December 17, 2019 –
44.0% "Ch 8: Behaviour of individuals as race representatives (“behavioural racism”); behaviour vs culture; standardized testing (and the expansive assessment prep industry)."
December 17, 2019 –
50.0% "Ch 9: Beauty standards; colourism; stratification inside of the Black community; some Grade A terrible racial science from history. An epiphany.

Some excellent evocative writing in this chapter."
December 17, 2019 –
56.0% "Ch 10: White. NOI; theories of oppression within the white community; Dubya election shenanigans in FL; argument for a truly equal society."
December 20, 2019 –
62.0% "Ch 11: Black. How black people can use anti-black ideas to be racist despite not having power: a reactionary position. Even the oppressed can find someone else to oppress. IXK’s realization of this in university, and the beginning of his conversion to being a true anti-racist."
December 21, 2019 –
69.0% "Ch 12: A killer analysis of class-racism. Not only the use of class inside of black communities, but how these two types of oppression were “conjoined at birth.”"
December 22, 2019 –
76.0% "Ch 13: A challenging chapter on black spaces, and how both integrationist and segregationist turn all spaces into white spaces. There is much to chew on in this chapter. I need to read it again."
December 23, 2019 –
81.0% "Ch 14: nice short roundup of intersectionality theory."
December 23, 2019 –
84.0% "Ch 15: Sexuality. It’s interesting that IXK’s journey into feminism and queer theory through racism is the opposite of mine: my path to (a less sophisticated of course!) anti-racism was THROUGH understanding oppression from a feminist perspective. Well, maybe this dichotomy is not so interesting, since I am a white male who never HAD to think of racism for a long time."
December 23, 2019 –
91.0% "Ch 16: I have never been involved in the organization of a protest movement. So I found his definitions of protest vs demonstration and organizing vs mobilizing very useful. Also there was an important discussion of the futility of trying to change minds, and argument for going for power to change policies instead."
December 23, 2019 – Finished Reading

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