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Beneath The Bleeding by Val McDermid
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Aug 12, 2008

Read in August, 2008

Eeeee, Tony, aw, oh no ... etc. etc. yeah, still utterly besotted. Once that wore off a little, I was stunned how much the TV show seems to (finally?) have imprinted onto the author. The characters speak more like the actors, esp. with the modifiers of how they say something. With Tony there is mention of Lara and clumsiness, otherwise it's not a problem; Carol swears more and has more fake sweetness and bitterness, Paula and Kevin are more couply. (Stacey is even more like Tosh from TW). I caved in and skimmed Val's website, and she's been a supporter of the show, so.
Not just Cornwell links but also Ben Elton and Elizabeth George - simply because they cover the same grounds. Poisoning and terrorism, bestyearsDOTcom and bombs, larger seeming threats but no horror, no personal terror. While that makes it perhaps more conventional (no psychopaths (well, apart from the mother)) or is perhaps meant to be more sensational, it's also the opposite of other writers trying to amp up the horror and extremity of their murders.
Adorkable scenes between T and C, and their usual thoughts (I'm still vastly amused how teenagerish - and by that token perhaps more true - their shecantloveme thoughts are, and am clinging to their unbreakable connection), with perhaps the most jarring, TV-induced note for me being Tony talking to a corpse where we usually would have gotten his thoughts.
And those are about his mother, because my dear McDermid doesn't hold out and just repeat herself, there's finally a bit more info on Tony. The mother is of such a mundane evil that I hope she dies and fear she won't. His take on recollections and why he's not even telling Carol I can easily follow. What I still don't see is him being weird or just pretending-to-be-human more than anybody else - should that worry me?

Carol is still drinking, though, and denying she has a problem (nobody else knows this) and Tony is in bed most of the time, his brutal run-in with an axemurderer at the start instead of the end. Maybe this is a homage to Tey's famous novel - on TV I'd have preferred to see Tony in bed instead of Carol (we still might? Robson would love the crutches), here I wished for more about him, but then I always do.

The blurb had hinted at monumental disagreeances between T+C, so I was on tenterhooks until the very last word, but basically the more-TV-Carol thought at the end that they had been fighting the whole time, so it wasn't meant to be normal, just the usual mental prick tease for us.

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