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The Book of Lost Souls by Michelle Muto
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Mar 23, 2012

it was amazing

This book may not have been what you thought you wanted, but right now it’s exactly what you need so says Ivy MacTavish, and I’m not arguing with her, because she’s a witch.

Ivy is 16 going on 17 and spends her time casting spells and hanging out with her best friends from Northwick High, Shayde, a werewolf and Raven, a vampire. With her fire-breathing Beezlepup, Devlin, growling at her side and her Mom, who is also a witch too, nagging in her ear, all Ivy has to think about is who she’d rather go out with – the perfect, yet unattainable, Dean or demonic, bad boy, Nick. She even tries to make Dean jealous by transforming a pet lizard into a hunk and parading him at a Halloween party, but that all changes when Shayde’s Uncle Lucas turns up with a human bone in his mouth! Kindreds (supernatural beings) and Regulars (human beings) have co-existed in relative harmony in Northwick for many years but all that is about to change.

After spotting a mysterious stranger in a black coat in the cemetery where Uncle Lucas dug up the bone, Ivy and the gang find a bundle of books at the side of the disturbed grave. Ivy quickly learns not to judge these books by their covers as their powerful black magic takes hold of her.
Dark forces are rising in Northwick and whilst Ivy and her friends investigate the mystery surrounding these books, she juggles dating, jealous girlfriends and tracking down Spike, the lizard, who has no wish to return to his terrarium, just yet.
Murder, evil spirits, weird teachers, cars fuelled by magic, walking trees with eyelids, gossip queens and trolls are just some of the highlights that Northwick offers its residents and I’d like to announce that I will be moving there shortly as it really got under my skin.

A really clever concept with engaging and humorous characters develops into a fantastic supernatural mystery-adventure. This debut novel had all the atmosphere and character of a revamped Buffy and I found its quirky sense of humour, vivid characters and absorbing relationships took me back to fond memories of Sunnydale. It’s of course impossible to say that anything can compare to Joss Whedon’s iconic TV series, which will always be one of my all time favourites, but Muto’s Northwick managed to transport me back there somehow; with a sprinkling of Ivy’s magic, perhaps?

Also available by Michelle Muto – Don’t Fear the Reaper.
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