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A Dance to the Music of Time, Volume 1 by Anthony Powell
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really liked it
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A verdade é que todas aquelas salsichas e bananas espalhadas na cara (!?!) do início de A Question of Upbringing me fez lembrar do quanto gosto do chá com bolo do pequeno Marcel. Mas se eu quiser tentar gostar desse livro, vou ter que esquecer que Proust existe e tentar me concentrar e pensar na obra por si só, já que Em Busca do Tempo Perdido sofre do mesmo mal dos grandes amores, uma vez experimentado tudo que lhe é subsequente parece ínfimo, pálido e sem gosto, mas nem por isso deixaremos de experimentar outros tipos de amores, talvez não tão intensos ou definitivos, mas ainda dignos de um pousar.
Ainda, assim, vai ser meio difícil não lembrar de Proust toda vez que pegar o livro na mão, já que a esperteza editorial colocou Paul Rhys na capa desta edição, o mesmo Rhys que vivera o amante de Marcel naquele filme com Alan Bates. Meio impossível, não? Menos mal que o estilo é distinto das longas idas e vindas que fazem de Proust o que ele é, característica maior pela qual o aprecio e que torna abismal uma comparação com Powell.

Quero reler Em Busca do Tempo Perdido.............................. Já faz quase dez anos desde que o li pela primeira vez e literalmente salvou minha vida. Mas o livro do Powell me faz lembrar de forma massiva ao Contraponto do Huxley e não propriamente do Proust, Powell basicamente fez uma versão super-estendida em tempo e espaço do livro do Huxley.
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0.0% "If you're not careful you will suffer the awful fate of the man who always knows the right clothes to wear and the right shop to buy them at."
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0.0% "The image of Time brought thoughts of mortality: of human beings, facing outwards like the Seasons, moving hand in hand in intricate measure: stepping slowly, methodically, sometimes a trifle awkwardly, in evolutions that take recognisable shape: or breaking into seeminly meaningless gyrations, while partners disappear only to reappear again, once more giving pattern to the spectacle: unable to control the melody."
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35.44% "My frame of mind - perhaps I should say the state of my heart - remained unchanged, and dances seemed pointless unless Barbara was present. (A Buyer's Market)"
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0.0% "It would, ideed, be hard to over-estimate the extent to which persons with similar tastes can often, in fact almost always, observe these responses in others: women: money: power: whatever it is they seek; while this awareness, remains a mistery to those in whom such tendencies are less highly, or not at all, developed."
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0.0% "Everyone used to say that dances bored them; especially those young men who never failed to respond to an invitation, and stayed, night after night, to the bitter end."
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0.0% "Even in the quietest forms of life the untoward is rarely frar from surface, and in the intemperate circles to which she seemed to belong nothing was surprising."
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0.0% "The illusion that egoists will be pleased, or flattered, by interest taken in their habits persists throughout life; whereas, in fact, persons like Widmerpool, in complete subjection to the ego, are, by the nature of that infirmity,prevented from supposing that the minds of others could possibly be occupied by any subject far distant from the egoist's own affairs."
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0.0% "As the eye separated individuals from the mass, marks of a certain exoticism were here revealed, notably absent from the scene: such deviations from a more conventional standard alleviating, so far as they went, earlier implications of stiffness; although these intermittent patches of singularity, if they were to be regarded as singular, were, on the whole, not necessarily predisposed to put an uninvited at easy."
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0.0% "Although these relatively exotic embellishments to the scene occurred within a framework on the whole commonplace enough, the shifting groups of the party created, as a spectacle, illusion of moving within the actual confines of a picture or tapestry, into the depths of which the personality of each new arrival had to be automatically amalgamated; even in the case of apparently unassimilable material."
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0.0% "I had not, it was true, thought much of Jean Templer for years, having relegated any question of being, as I had once supposed, “in love” with her to a comparatively humble position in memory; indeed, regarding the incident as dating from a time when any such feelings were, in my own eyes, hopelessly immature, in comparison, for example, with sentiments felt for Barbara."
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0.0% "Such emotions, sudden bursts of sexual jealousy that pursue us through life, sometimes without the smallest justification that memory or affection might provide, are like wounds, unknown and quiescent, that suddenly break out to give pain, or at least irritation, at a later season of the year, or in an unfamiliar climate."
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0.0% "While I undressed I reflected on the difficulty of believing in the existence of certain human beings, my uncle among them, even in the face of unquestionable evidence—indications sometimes even wanting in the case of persons for some reason more substantial to the mind—that each had dreams and desires like other men."
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