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The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds
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Mar 23, 2012

it was amazing

I don't know why I missed this one on publication having previously devoured all of Alastair Reynolds's output as soon as it had appeared but in some ways I am glad I did as it meant I had an unexpected bonus read before moving on to his latest novel.

This is a welcome return to the Revelation Space series of novels and short stories and in many ways a prequel to the main sequence. Although it works very well as a standalone, some pre knowledge of the background of this universe is advisable and would help bring the reader up to speed on the history and technology of Yellowstone, the Glitter Band, the Ultras and any other inhabitants of mankind's Epsilon Eridani colony in the 25th century. That is not to say it would be inaccessible to a new reader as enough background information is cunningly drip fed into the narrative.

But it is the narrative itself that is the star here. Even though (as expected) this is space opera at the top of its game, when it comes down to it the story is a gripping murder mystery even if the scale is far greater than that of any normal police procedural. Despite the book's length I finished it in double quick time, so keen was I to find out what happened next and I must admit that as I neared the end I experienced a growing sense of unease and loss when I saw how little of it there was left to read.

The characters - whether human, hyper-pig, post-human, or something else entirely - are well drawn and realistic enough to make you genuinely care what happens to them (in the case of the antagonists this means you are hoping against hope that they will eventually get their just desserts). The worlds and their technologies are superbly realised, some of the scenes dripping with a visual sense almost cinematic in its scope. Reynolds's novels would all make fantastic films but one fears the inevitable dumbing down that would occur at the hands of Hollywood.

The ending is satisfying although one cannot help but feel a sense of melancholy when one recalls what is to become of everyone in the chronologically later (but earlier published) novels.
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Ultrarob I think you are right that his books would make excellent movies. There would be a lot lost, but I still wonder what Hollywood would create and how different it would look from my minds eye.

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