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A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
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Mar 22, 2012

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Possible spoilers? But not really if you read A Pale Demon because what I'm talking about was totally set up in that book.

Is anyone else kinda weirded out that Harrison is setting up a romance between Rachel and Trent? I swear, this girl makes laughably awful romantic choices. And the trope of "a good woman can change a bad man for the better! Now he loves puppies and sunshine and doesn't murder people anymore! How wonderful!" is kinda really freaking anti-feminist, because this tells women that in real life, perhaps this will happen to you too, so you should stick with that abuser because maybe he'll change! And if he doesn't, it's your fault because your love wasn't good/pure enough to cleanse him! I know that's obviously not what Harrison is trying to put forward with this storyline, but it's a pet peeve of mine when I come across it in fiction for the very reason I described - the problematic way it can translate to real-life situations. Like Twilight. A guy who when he met you wanted to kill you is now obsessively in love with you and breaks into your room to watch you sleep at night and "protect" you? NO THANK YOU, STEPHANIE MEYER. IMPRESSIONABLE MINDS ARE READING YOUR NO-SEX-PORNO FANTASY AND THINKING THIS IS OK.
In non galena-is-a-humorless-feminazi-who-can't-enjoy-fiction-without-tearing-it-apart terms, though, I still find the TRachel (teehee) thing a weird way to take the storyline. Though at least Rachel's not suddenly in love with Al, which I could also see happening (eww, eww, a million times eww). My main problem is this: this awesome ethically ambiguous character who isn't straight-up evil because he does have his own ethical/moral code that kinda makes sense, but boy does he have to make hard choices and you can kinda see why he does it even if you don't agree with him ((helloooooo Magneto!), is suddenly tamed by Rachel? Why is this necessary? She was previously dating a living vampire and a black magic witch--not exactly morally sound people here. Why can't she fall in lust with Trent as he is? Is this change caused by Rachel or his new baby? Inquiring minds want to know because they're worried that this new plot is going to make future Hollows books not-so-awesome.
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Teresa B. She's seems to get more stupid too.. Constantly making dumb decisions .. I keep finding it weird when the other charactors say she is She's needy and says stupid things..She stops doing demon magic even though witches are being tortured and killed because she doesn't want to go to the demon realm anymore..ugg..

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