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The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes
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Mar 21, 2012

did not like it

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Judith I read 3/4 of this today at the hair-dresser's and I am still waiting for the book to start. I really like Julian Barnes and this book got such rave reviews. We will have to remember to compare notes. I think I will agree with you. Such a lifeless character.

Dagný The book, while professionally written, was of no interest to me. I think I mentioned it when we discussed this book after THE's review, but so little impression did this book make on me that when I saw the NYT Sunday Book Review's review I looked at it thinking, "Now why does this book look familiar to me?" I had indeed finished it a week or two earlier but it had no traction in my mind. On the other hand, since then I finished War and Peace and I could relive/read virtually every scene.

Dagný In case you worry for my memory, it is not that I can't remember just about every sentence/scene of the TSoE; I tested myself. It is just this fascinating phenomena of how books we-or at least I-love, have this way of taking over one's being.
That is why I often have a hard time starting a new book right after finishing a good one; I have not really left it yet.

THE Sorry, I been overseas for months and never saw your comments. I do agree that unless forced to rethink this book, it does not reverberate with me either. There are works that we have read decades ago and yet can recall in vivid detail while others, thankfully, are gone in a flash!

Dagný Well, I did not really review the book. Now it keeps rising from the dead, hence the yelps scattered all over.

And now, with your commenting, THE, thank you, you are the sweetest! (although I really appreciated when you took Judith to task for her giving one star to Laxness) But Judith and I can lay aside our competition for your attention for the moment and have a peaceful lunch, huh Judith? (J and I have this private rating system that any time we agree on a book, that is a cause for celebration)

THE Great plan...enjoy!

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