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The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J. Walker
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it was amazing

A Glimmer of Hope in This Post-Apocalyptic Gem

My husband bought this book for me at a bookstore, and he could not have purchased a better gift. I also had the pleasure of reading parts of the ebook on Hoopla and listening to chunks on audio. Five stars for all the formats, especially the audio book. Now, other reviewers have commented on how unlikeable the protagonist Ed Hill is, and yes, in the beginning of the book he is self-absorbed jerk and later gets criticized for being an unattentive father by his companions. Nevertheless, I enjoyed going on this journey with Ed and his pals through encounters with cannibals, villains, foul weather, and a bit of magical realism. I loved all the characters, especially the nasty ones like Jenny Ray, a controlling woman with dehumanizing tendencies. I loved how Ed encountered conflicts until the very end, making Ed’s journey to reunite with his family moving. I found the ending, though not a fully happy one, to be realistic and satisfying. The study guide questions at the end were also on par with questions I would ask my college composition and literature students. Overall, this book gets five stars, and I look forward to reading more of Walker’s work.
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Quotes Maria Liked

Adrian J. Walker
“Before the first step, before the first muscle twitches, before the first neuron fires, there comes a choice: stand still or move. You choose the right option. Then you repeat that choice one hundred thousand times. You don’t run thirty miles, you run a single step many times over. That’s all running is; that’s all anything is. If there’s somewhere you need to be, somewhere you need to get to, or if you need to change or move away from where or what you are, then that’s all it takes. A hundred thousand simple decisions, each one made correctly. You don’t have to think about the distance or the destination or about how far you’ve come or how far you have to go. You just have to think about what’s in front of you and how you’re going to move it behind you.”
Adrian J. Walker, The End of the World Running Club

Adrian J. Walker
“That beast inside you, the one you think is tethered tightly to the post, the one you’ve tamed with art, love, prayer, meditation: it’s barely muzzled. The knot is weak. The post is brittle. All it takes is two words and a siren to cut it loose.”
Adrian J. Walker, The End of the World Running Club

Adrian J. Walker
“It wasn’t a return to a simpler life; it was a version of a simpler life. A version that replaced cholera, dysentery, freezing winters, lost harvests, frequent stillbirths, domestic violence and incest with underfloor heating, Sky Plus, solar panels and plump trust funds. It was just another decoration: wallpaper, not a return.”
Adrian J. Walker, The End of the World Running Club

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September 23, 2019 –
page 116
25.44% "Finally, a fantastic page turner! I started this book and had to put it down, or I would stay up all night.Part of the reason the book is so great is because the main character is not fundamentally likeable, yet he reflects human struggles before the apocalypse like balancing a division of labor in his marriage and feeling the mundaneness of life bring him down. I can't wait to read the next 100 pages."
September 26, 2019 –
page 150
32.89% "Great read, thus far, but the protagonist is such a jerk."
September 28, 2019 –
55.0% "The main character finally started jogging like a mad man and twisted his damned ankle! I love how the author incorporates different struggles. The balance of internal and external struggles is gorgeous."
October 11, 2019 –
65.0% "I think I'm further ahead. I am just reading three different versions: paperback, Kindle, and audio. Love it. The main character is such a twat, but he's redeeming himself."
November 11, 2019 –
November 13, 2019 –
November 13, 2019 – Finished Reading

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